The All In One Travel Jacket Is Finally Here!

We at Born Realist Tech, after a long time of trying on and disapproving jackets have finally found the best travel jacket for all our techie fans! No more do you need to carry a bag around for your tablets and mobiles (and all the other cables we’re sure you always carry around), we’ve found a jacket that is not just trendy and looks good but is extremely useful as well. It has nine utility pockets, meaning you can literally put anything in it (that includes your tablet, yes, there’s a pocket for that as well) and it comes in some pretty cool designs; there’s one for the more trendy females out there called the windbreaker, then there’s a more casual cooler design for our more laid back fans called the bomber, its also available in a sweatshirt design and is also available in a totally sleek wrinkle free blazer as well!

More features of the jacket include a headphone holder running from the back of it to the front so you never away for long from your precious music, keeping the headphones tangle free as well. The jacket also comes with gloves attached inside the sleeves that you can pull out any time your feeling chilly, and the pocket for your glasses when your sitting down to read a Born Realist Article on your tablet or a trendy book, or if your getting ready for the test your going to give, is simply on the inside of where an average jacket would have a breast pocket. Along with all this the jacket even has a pocket to keep your drink in while your sitting back, relaxing and watching something on your laptop, or simply walking down the alley or to school, carrying beverages is totally a whole lot easier.

And that’s not it, if your travelling away somewhere, sitting on a bus or train and want to take a nap, your jackets has this amazing built in inflatable pillow that will inflate for you and make your nap easy and comfortable, inflating in less than two seconds and making sure none of your precious time is wasted, and if you need something to cover your eyes, just pull down the hood and cover them with the built in eye mask that’s just a part of your totally amazing jacket, and it doesn’t end here, once your done with your nap you can easily deflate it by pressing it just a little. No more sitting around and missing trains because inflating the darn thing took too long!

The Jacket is available at our online shop, buy the Amazing Jacket Here!

The jacket also comes with a built in pen and stylus, helping you make easy notes and making sure you don’t need to hassle around looking for pens everywhere, it also has a removable hood turning your casual blazer into this really professional coat making your travel so much more easier than it would have been without the wonder jacket.

We do hope you’ve liked it as much as we have!

Buy the Amazing Jacket Here