How To Be One Of The 8% Of People That Reach All Of Their Goals

Every year we make a New Year resolution, but how many times have we actually completed it? Actually, the thing is that according to University of Scranton, only 8 percent people end up completing their resolution and the majority 80 percent gives up before starting. So how to be the part of that 8 percent who achieve their goals?

8. Have A Specific Goal:

Be very clear and specific about your goals you want to achieve. For example, if your goal is to lose weight then your goal shouldn’t be listed as just losing weight. There should be a specific time frame set in which you want to lose weight and along with it the amount of pounds you want to lose. Being vague will never determine you to achieve your goal.

7. Schedule Work Time For Your Goal:

You can’t just achieve your goal giving other things priority over it. If you really want to achieve your goals then make a schedule and dedicate specific time to it. Scheduling will ensure the seriousness of your goals.

6. Take Smaller Steps:

When you directly jump towards the bigger goal, you will definitely face hurdles. You will be unable to manage it because so many unresolved things get in the way. The right way is to set small goals, that will step by step take you towards the bigger goals and you would actually be able to accomplish them.

5. Be Mentally Prepared For Hardship:

Life is not a bed of roses, nothing comes easy in life. If you think that you’ll be able to achieve your goal while chilling around, you are wrong. You have to struggle, face the hardship that comes your way without being scared of failing or giving up. Be determined and you will see the rainbow after the rain for sure.

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4. Write Down Your Goals:

Writing down your goal will make it real to you. Write down the specific details of the goal along with the treat or pleasure you’ll get out of it. This will encourage you to stay strong and run towards your goals.

3. Stop Making Excuses:

Excuses are the biggest obstacles between you and your goals. If you want to achieve your goals then stop making excuses. Embrace the failure and start again stronger than before. Don’t let small excuses come between your path. All you need to do is stay consistent.

2. Make Goals To Help Other:

Just knowing that you are helping others and that you are doing good will motivate you enough to achieve your goals. Set your goal in such a way that it might help others as well. Doing good for others will surely help you stay focused and determined now and hereafter.

1. Be Humble About Your Abilities:

Being humble helps you grow stronger and better. It opens your mind to new things so that you can learn, experience and create ways to achieve your goal. It is the key towards achieving your goals.

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Article by Born Realist