NUKEMAP: New Software That Can Show You How Much Destruction a Nuke Can Cause

NUKEMAP is a software that has been designed by Alex Wellerstein that accurately predicts the destruction and the impact that a nuclear weapon will have when dropped on a targetted location.

Free of cost, the application allows the user to select a marker (which can be any nuclear power’s country’s capital). After the marker has been selected the user may select a yield. He or she can decide among the known nuclear weapons that the world’s nine nuclear weapons carrying countries own.

After the marker has been selected the user can decide if they wish to produce an airburst or want a surface shot. The detonation and its impact will depend on the height of the burst.

After this selection, the user can press the detonation button and can see the estimated fatalities and injuries and can also see a real-life map where the destruction will be visualized by using various colours.

The application will display various technicalities that will accompany the blast.

Check out the Nukemap HERE

This will include the fireball radius, the radiation radius, air blast radius and thermal radiation radius. All of this information is also displayed on the real-life map which even shows the wind direction that the blast and heat will take. 

The technicalities and inconsistencies are usually rounded off, and while most of this information is based on previous experiences and testing information on nuclear weapons, the application displays the most accurate information any civilian can have about the sheer destruction and death that a nuclear explosion may bring.

The application works on AI and has been recently developed by brilliant developer Alex Wellerstein who wishes to portray an accurate description of nuclear weapons and the harm that they cause to a location, where people lead very real and very human lives. 

NUKEMAP also has a sister application called MISSLEMAP which has been developed to predict the impact and trajectory of a missile fired by any one of the 9 leading militaries of the world.

MISSLEMAP corresponds with NUKEMAP and you can take information from MISSLEMAP to NUKEMAP.

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