12 Athletes Who Proved Nothing Is Impossible

nothing is impossible

Sports are an incredible way to stay healthy and fit. It is a temperate circle that requires a healthy body, and further leads you to a healthy lifestyle. Sports are an extraordinary type of physical activity which helps boosts your metabolism and fitness. It also likewise requires a completely sound and fit individual with high level of perseverance, tolerance and patience. In any case, does that imply that those with physical disability can’t compete or take part in sports? Indeed, there are many people who have sustained injuries or experienced physical issues that have left them handicapped. In any case, many such people have shown amazing bravery and take part in sports, just to conquer their physical obstacles. Here is a list we made of Top 12 Physically Disabled Athletes in Sports who proved nothing is impossible if you put your heart and soul into it.

Oscar Pistorius

nothing is impossible

South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius competes in titles for below knee amputees and furthermore for abled bodies competitons. Both of his legs below the knee were removed when he was only 11 months old. He continues running with “Flex-Foot Cheetah” which is a J-molded carbon-fiber prosthetic created by biomedical specialist Van Phillips. He is famously known as the fastest man on no legs and was nicknamed the Blade Runner. He won a gold award and a bronze medal in 2004 Athens Paralympics, 3 gold medals in 2008 Beijing Paralympics and 2 gold awards and a silver award in 2012 London Paralympics.

Jim MacLaren

nothing is impossible


American athlete Jim MacLaren is known for his record-breaking performances in the Ironman marathon and the marathon with his amputated left leg below the knee. Other than being a star competitor, he is additionally a motivational speaker. He played football and lacrosse at Yale University and substantiated himself as the best candidate. MacLaren in a bike accident lost his left leg below the knee at 22 years of age in 1985. With his amputated leg, he ran the marathon in 3 hours 16 minutes and finished the Ironman Hawaii in only 10 hours 42 minutes.

Bethany Hamilton

nothing is impossible


American pro surfer Bethany Hamilton won the Rell Sun Menehune in 1998 and Open Women’s Division of the NSSA in 2002. She survived a shark assault in 2003 where her left arm was gnawed off. After she lost her left hand, she returned again to proficient surfing while at the same time proving herself as one of the absolute best surfers of the entire world and won various titles, for example, NSSA National Competition in 2005 and O’Neill Island Girl Junior Pro competition around the same time. Other than surfing, she also wrote her biography called Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board in 2004.

Melissa Stockwell

nothing is impossible

American para-tri-athlete and previous Paralympic swimmer Melissa Stockwell was the first female solider to lose a leg in the Iraq War while serving her duty as a lieutenant. She lost her left leg in a bomb blast when she was driving a caravan to Baghdad. She participated in the 100 meter butterfly, 100 meter free-form and 400 meter free-form at the 2008 Summer Paralympics as the only Iraq veteran selected for the Paralympics. She won three successive gold medals in 2010 Budapest, 2011 Beijing and 2012 Auckland.

Jason P. Lester

nothing is impossible

American athlete Jason P. Lester was hit by an auto while on his bike, and left there, with 21 broken bones and a caved in lung. Despite the deadly accident he began playing baseball and American football and made to all star games. He likewise begun to take an interest in running and biathlon races at age 16 and secured second position despite the extreme weather conditions of Arizona at 18 years old.

He won the ESPY Award champ for Best Male Athlete with a Disability in 2009. Still think “nothing is impossible” is a lie?

Natalia Partyka

nothing is impossible

Table Tennis player from Poland, Natalia Partyka participates in Olympics for people with disabilities and furthermore also takes part in competitions for physically fit players. She scored the last 32 of the 2012 London Olympic ladies’ table tennis competition. Natalia won her first universal table tennis award in the 1999 Disabled World Championships and contended at the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney. She represented Poland in both the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing and won a gold medal in the singles event and silver in the group event.

Terry Fox

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Canadian athlete, motivational speaker turned into philanthropist Terry Fox recovered from a deadly car crash on November 12, 1976 and was diagnosed with a cancer called osteosarcoma for which his leg had to be amputated. He was named as a member of the Canadian wheelchair basketball team for the national title in Edmonton and won three national titles and was named an all rounder player by the North American Wheelchair Basketball Association in 1980.

Aimee Mullins

nothing is impossible

American athlete, actor, and fitness instructor Aimee Mullins is one of the most conspicuous people in the list of disabled athletes. Aimee was diagnosed at birth with a medical condition called fibular hemimelia which brought about the amputation of both of her lower legs when she was only one year old. She holds a position in youth leagues for stolen bases in softball in her initial days as sports women and began competing with physically fit competitors in NCAA Division, Olympic style sports occasions while going to Georgetown University and turned into the first amputee in history to contend in the NCAA. She was named as one of the “Coolest Girls in Sports” by the Sports Illustrated magazine. She proved that nothing is truly impossible if you put your mind to it.

Ron Santo

nothing is impossible

American third baseman in Major League Baseball Ron Santo played for Chicago Cubs from 1960 to 1974. Ron was the champ of five continuous Gold Glove Awards of the National League as a defender at third base from 1964 to 1968. He made to the All-Star steam nine times and after his retirement, Chicago Cubs resigned the pullover Number 10 which he wore all through his vocation. He was drafted in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2012.

He experienced the removal of the lower half of both his legs for his serious diabetes issue.

Curt Mash

nothing is impossible

Former American football player Curt Marsh was a High School All-American at Snohomish High School in Snohomish WA. He was the twenty-third pick of the first round of 1981 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders out of the University of Washington. He was a predominant compel and a key player of Los Angeles Raiders in his pinnacle frame with his six feet five inches stature and 273 lb. weight. For his rehashed football-related wounds, he experienced more than twenty surgeries including a foot removal which constrained him to choose retirement from football.

Arunima Sinha (Nothing is Impossible)

nothing is impossible

The first woman amputee to climb Mount Everest, Arunima Sinha lost both her legs when some robbers threw her off from a moving train. Arnuima hated the fact everyone gave her the looks of pity and sympathy. She disliked being a handicapped and a burden on others. She proved that a strong will and determination can take you a long way. Without giving up, she climbed the Everest with her prosthetic legs and made history with her courageous act. Her story of success shouts to the world, Nothing is impossible!

Rajendra Singh Rahelu

nothing is impossible

Rajendra Singh developed Polio when he was 8 months old. However he did not let his disability interfere with his dream. After completing high school, in 1996 Rahelu’s instructor encouraged him to pursue sports. Initially he started lifting 75 kg weights and with continuous training and strong will he was able to lift 115 kg within 6 months. Rajendra Singh has proved “Nothing is Impossible” by winning a silver medal in power lifting in the Commonwealth Games 2014. (nothing is impossible)

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