Netflix Shows The Entire Family Can Enjoy in 2023

Two guys watching tv, eating pistachios

Netflix has been a dominating force among streaming services for about 15 years. Viewers can enjoy TV shows from various decades, watch many of their favorite movies, and can often view original content made for the service.

Users should know that there are quite a few series that will be leaving Netflix over the course of the coming year with many of them going to Disney Plus, Sling TV, HBO Max, Paramount Plus or Flex TV. This means that viewers might need to subscribe to multiple streaming services in order to watch their favorite content. One of the things that viewers like about the original content on Netflix is that it can be quite edgy at times, and with series going to other services, some are curious as to whether or not Netflix will be able to satisfy viewers in the future.

Since Netflix has so many titles that often aren’t shown on the home screen when viewers are looking through different categories, there will likely be enough content so that viewers are still happy with the service even if they do subscribe to a few others. The following are just a few of the quality shows that the family can watch together on Netflix with many more being available.

“Floor is Lava”
This is a show similar to the popular game that children play. An obstacle course is set up with teams of three people navigating through without touching the ground. This might seem like a show with games on a playground, but it caught on during the pandemic when families were home together.

“Our Planet”
One of the highest-ranking shows on Netflix, this is a behind-the-scenes series that features David Attenborough as the narrator. The up-close details are stunning, and the information discussed is on a level that almost everyone in the family can understand.

“Blown Away”
If you like art, then you’ll enjoy this series as it follows artisans who carefully blow glass into beautiful pieces of work. Artists work to try to beat the clock to deliver their best with some artists discovering that time isn’t on their side in the end. Each show typically features new artists so that you get a look at how different people work.

“Dragons: Race to the Edge”
This is a series that expands on the characters that were in the show in 2012 on Cartoon Network. The design work is quite elaborate from the dragons to the knights. Everyone works together to try to defeat the dragons, demonstrating the lesson of teamwork to children.

“The Magic School Bus Rides Again”
Miss Frizzle is back with a group of kids as they take what they learn in the classroom to the bus. The show does a good job of maintaining the same quality as the original series, but the details are a bit more modern, and there’s more information that’s presented for children. There are also about a dozen original shows that adults might find that they enjoy.

“Carmen Sandiego”
This is another show from the 1990s that many adults likely remember watching. The characters are again modernized, but the concept is the same. Carmen receives word that something has been stolen or a crime has been committed. She offers clues about where the item or person is located so that the team can go on a search around the world.

Article by Born Realist