This is How You Can Overcome Negative Emotions


Have you ever pondered upon the point that why some people always have a positive approach towards life no matter how challenged their lives are? And why others seems to be all worried, disappointed and judgmental about it? The answer to this is embedded in various factors like your personality or your current state of emotions. Emotions are what express the present status of any human being. If they are positive then you do not need to worry what life throws at you. On contrary, negative emotions can make you a loser. In today’s life, we can easily fall prey to negative thinking. If you follow these few tricks you can easily overpower your adverse emotions and you can achieve whatever you want in life.

10. Emotions hide the truth

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Your feelings camouflage your perception of reality. Just because you feel a certain way doesn’t make it a reality. For example you might think of yourself as a failure, unloved or stupid at some point in your life but this doesn’t mean that it is the truth. It is the negative emotions that has taken over your mind and suppress the positive part of your life. You need to understand, however, that these feelings can misrepresent the actual and can make your life full of negativity. And you don’t want that, Do you?

9. Avoid toxic people

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‘A man is known by the company he keeps’, this has become a general principle of life. If you hangout with people who leave a positive and calm affect on you but in another case if you are constantly hanging out with people who are angry, grumpy and discouraging, you will eventually become like them. It’s difficult to be in control of your emotions when you spend a lot of time with people who push your buttons in the wrong way. So find a company that makes your life serene and not the opposite.

8. Wait before responding

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Every time you respond immediately and instinctively to an unkind remark, your words reek of spite and negative emotions. It is amazing how few seconds of wait can make a difference to when you are upset about an argument you had with your boss or your spouse. It can save you from any future mishap and can prevent any further negativity because if we wait and then reply it would be more measured and accurate answer.

7. Ask “What’s one thing I could do right now?”

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When you are in a state where you are emotionally distressed it is not feasible to be alone with your thoughts which are already painted with negativity. This makes you self pity yourself and sometimes you are overwhelmed with hatred and negative emotions. You could ask ourselves,What’s one thing I could do right now? This is not merely a way to ignore the problem but it is an attempt to take a break and think about the problem to gain the right perspective.

6. Think about your happy moments

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Whether it is a happy occasion or a sad one, memories are made to delight you. Many situations will come when you would hurt your inner peace from your negative emotions, and this is the time when your old and happy memories can cheer you up. Whenever you feel sorry about yourself or sad about your life, think of the old and happiest moments of your life, it will immediately form a smile on your face. A new charm will replace the dullness.

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5. Start looking into your hobby

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When you find yourself surrounded by negative emotions, start your hobby. Many people love to read books, some like to travel, some are fond of music and few have a hobby of singing. You will notice that your mind is diverted to other things and you have countered your negativity towards life. Also, by reading your favorite book, your mind as well as your body will feel relaxed and positive emotions start to spark within you.

4. Meditation/Yoga a best remedy

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Meditation is the best medicine to each and every mind related problems, a scientific fact. Whenever you can’t concentrate or develop negative sentiments within yourself, meditation is the option to reach for. It freshens your mind and you can develop a positive control of your mind and there will be no negative emotions overcoming your mind.

3. Read positive quotes

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Your mind works according to how you mold it via your life experiences. What if you command your mind to only have positive emotions? If you want the right motivation in your life, try to be positive towards it. The best way to get positive feelings is to determine a positive source of reading. Reading motivational quotes is not a very bad option. The internet is filled with such quotes, try to make best out of what you have and everything will fall in the right place.

2. Let it go

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Do you want your life to be peaceful? Letting go of the things that are bothering you will give your life the taste of the peace which you are looking for. When  you arrive at a state where your mind is calm, helpful thoughts will appear giving you a clear and helpful perspective on the situation. When you come to a place of feeling calm, you know you have processed everything that was there and at this point you would know exactly what to do.

1. Start laughing

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Last but not the least, we are all familiar with the statement “Laughter is the best medicine”. When everything goes south start laughing. It may sound silly but this is also known as laughing therapy to bring life back to hopeless people. Just don’t bother what others will think, So laugh to the fullest because it is you who matters the most.

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– Article by Born Realist