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Once in a while, there come movies that leave an impression on you for the longest time. They make a place in your mind and heart, touching your soul to depths. These movies are different from others because of their themes, script, direction and the lessons that they give. They give your thoughts a new direction changing your perspective to completely new things. We at Born Realist have created a list of such awesome movies that you can watch again and again and each time learn something new.

 The Prestige (2006):

Image credit: Identi

The Prestige is about two rival magicians in a competition to create the best magic trick of all time. The movie is one curious tale of suspense and tragedy that will take you on the ultimate journey to the biggest illusion ever created. It will leave you questioning the reality around you and on every watch, you’ll uncover something new.

Black Swan (2010):

Image credit: Letterboxd

The story revolves around Nina whose aim is to be the lead of Swan Lake. Her entire life revolves around ballet and no matter how beautifully she moves her body, she is only good enough to be the White Swan. She befriends a new dancer with all the characteristics to be the Black Swan. On your second or third time watching the movie, things will start to unravel in front of you. Black Swan beautifully shows the dark side of human beings.

Lost in Translation (2003):

Image credit: Mental Floss

Two people from different side of the world, Bob who is an actor getting older than his time and Charlotte is a newlywed girl. They both form an instant friendship while their stay at a Tokyo hotel. The movie is a beautiful depiction of how unlikely bonds can be formed in the most unusual places.

Pulp Fiction (1994):

Image credit: Miramax

Two hit men, Jules and Vincent have to undergo some ridiculous events while performing their duty. The story is full of dark comedy and violence while following their journey. The movie is a classic with the pulp fiction style of storytelling and definitely deserves a re-watch.

 Se7en (1995):

Image credit: Letterboxd

A serial killer and seven deadly sins. He commits his crime in an elaborate manner symbolizing each of the seven deadly sins with every killing. The movie is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It follows the journey of a detective trying to stop these murders before they get committed. Replaying this movie would make you think about human nature and its extremes. The movie will keep your eyes wide open even after the end credits.

In the Mood for Love:

Image credit: Letterboxd

The movie is about two people who suspect their spouse to be cheating on them. They start developing a relationship of their own, questing morality and temptations. The movie has an essence of old Hollywood style romanticism. It is sure to keep you entertained for a long while.

 Before Sunrise (1995):

Image credit: IndieWire

Two strangers on the same train from Budapest to Hungary form an unlikely bond. Though their meeting is for a short time but they sure do make the most of it. The movie reminds you to cherish each and every small moment and live each and every second of life. There conversations are the ones to look put for on each and every watch, they touch your soul.

The Pianist (2002):

Image credit: Focus Features

World War ll created tragedy in the life of Wladyslaw Szpilman who is the greatest pianist and composer in his era. The movie is a journey of music from despair to triumphs and its highs and lows. Wladyslaw Szpilman is one of the greatest pianists and composers of his time, but World War II forces tragedy upon him. This true story follows a musician through the depths of despair and the heights of triumph. The movie will definitely make you appreciate the things you have in life.

Her (2013):

Image credit: mashable

The world has worked through a specific system for centuries. What would happen if being in this world you were to fall in love with an Artificial Intelligence? The story is about a writer who actually does fall for AI and has to face the consequences of it. The movie tells the two aspects of human nature, love, and loneliness.

White Oleander (2002):

Image credit: Plugged In

Astrid has entered the foster system after her mother is convicted of murder. The movie is about how she has to face so many trials and rise above it all standing on her own. The movie is about how different people approach life differently and an appreciation of life through the eyes of a young girl.

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Billy Elliot (2000):

Image credit: playbuzz

The movie is about a boy from working class and his discovery of him being a dancer. In order to peruse his dreams, he must cross the boundaries of all the male roles set by society and pursue something not meant for a male in that society. The movie is about how to share your gift with the world even when people might try to hold you back. The movie is a must watch if you are looking for some inspiration to pursue your dream.

Spirited Away (2001):

Image credit: vice

The movie is a beautifully animated story of a young girl’s self-discovery and navigation after one mistake leads her along with her family to the world of beasts and spirits. The movie should be a must watch every time you face a challenge in life.

Princess Mononoke:

Image credit: drafthouse

The movie is a reminder of how conflicts can be viewed from multiple perspectives and angles. The story is of a young man being caught between humans and Gods in a forest. There he meets Princess Mononoke a fierce warrior raised by wolf-god. He sees the good on both sides and tries to negotiate his best for the peaceful results.

Good Will Hunting (1997):

Image credit: thehollywoodreporter

Will an M.I.T janitor with a brilliant mind. Due to his circumstances not being able to utilize his mind’s brilliance. In amidst of all, he befriends someone who shows him how to dream boldly. The film is about how you can inspire someone to be their best by just believing in them. It is a reminder of how we can support each other to raise high in life.

The Green Mile (1999):

Image credit: Radio Times

The movie tells that you can find magic in the most unexpected places. When the guards of death row inmates meet John Coffey in prison, who has supernatural powers, their perspective of life changes as to how to find beauty even in the darkest of times. One important lesson is to not pass judgment on anyone till you know their complete story.

Schindler’s List (1993):

Image credit: flickside

The movie is set during World War ll. The story is about a man who by using his wits saved the life of more than 1000 Jews during Holocaust. The man risked everything for the sake of helping others. Everyone needs to hear and watch such stories from time to time to know the true meaning of life and being a human. The movie truly tells how a single person can create a life-changing impact.

The Shawshank Redemption:

Image credit: Odyssey

Andy an innocent man is imprisoned for an uncommitted crime. While in prison he befriends an older inmate. Together they try to change the prison system from within while Andy hangs on to the hope of being free one day. The movie tells what the freedom of mind is and how hope can be a powerful thing, this movie is a must watch for everyone at least once in life.

Life of Pi (2012):

Image credit: denofgeek

Pi and his boat full of exotic animals went down the ocean and now he must fight for his survival. He used the lifeboat to escape the terror not recognizing the real terror was stuck with him on the lifeboat. The two then continue their journey and endure many trials. It is one of the most fascinating stories and one could use it as an example to learn a lesson of never losing hope in life.


Image credit: yesmovies

The technology called inception is used by Dominic Cobb to steal the secrets from the dreams of people. Being an excellent thief he also looks for redemption and has to pull off the hardest mission of his life. If you have watched it already, watch it one more time to get a clear understanding of drama and reality.

Shutter Island:

Image credit: rottentomatoes

A US marshal Teddy Daniels ends up taking a case of a missing person at a mental hospital far on an island. He faces many challenges on the island as he works with his partner to locate a murderess. The story contains many twists and turns and you want to watch it again and again just to know what you have missed the previous time.


Image credit: rottentomatoes

When the Earth is no longer inhabitable an astronaut goes on a mission to find humans a new home. He has to struggle to ensure the better future for the human race. Interstellar is a story that teaches us to never lose faith and push yourself forward no matter how much impossible the task is.

The Matrix:

Image credit: premiumbeat

This science fiction movie is related to Plato’s “allegory of the cave”. During the movie, the characters start to recognize their true nature of why they exist. Along with its special effects, it gives out the concept that we live in a world where our perceptions are based on what we see and how things are constructed. This movie asks you and reminds you what you really see.

La La Land:

Image credit: hollywoodreporter

A musician and actress struggle for their name in LA. Their journey is filled with obstacles and hardships and they have to work hard to define their goals and fulfill them and in the process, they identify what they mean to each other. We get to notice how brutal the show biz can be and how we can maintain perseverance in our lives.

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19 Hilarious Grandparents That Prove You’re Never Too Old To Be Funny

A list of grandparents who are too funny to be that old. Have a look:

19. To Remember:

Image Credits: Reddit

All the grandparents always leave something behind which makes us miss them.

18. Mixer Won:

Image Credits: Reddit

This grandmother had a fight with a mixer and you can clearly see who won.

17. Marine Corps Flag:

Image Credits: Reddit

Grandparents brought down their Marine Corps banner to help their grandson today

16. Homemade Vest:

Image Credits: Reddit

My grandmother has made this all by herself and had asked me to wear them whenever I will go to some party.

15. High Tech:

Image Credits: Reddit

My Grandma is getting really cutting edge nowadays.

14. Birthday Gift:

Image Credits: Reddit

birthday introduces from my grandmother. She gets it, man

13. In Shape:

Image Credits: Palm Press Inc.

You’re getting a handle on of shape. In the meantime, your grandmother is skating the footpath in hot pink jeans.

12. New Shirt Gift:

Image Credits: Reddit

My grandmother got me another shirt today. I’m 34 by the way.

11. Coolest Grandmother Ever:

Image Credits: flickr/Michelle Hofstrand

Meet this cutest grandmother. You will simply adore the differentiation amongst innovation and her age. She grew up without power and most common luxuries. She took to playing solitaire rapidly and her family demonstrated to her generally accepted methods to utilize the mouse, and so on. She didn’t care for the way that she couldn’t cheat in this form. Grandmother loved PCs such a great amount of that at the Care Home where she lived she regularly could be discovered playing on their PC. Some of the time she stalked alternate users seniors until the point that they would leave excessively interesting. She didn’t exactly get the entire “close down” though, however; rather, utilized the power switch

10. Special Bond:

Image Credits: Miyoko Ihara

Miyoko Ihara caught the extraordinary bond between her grandma and her feline through a progression of pictures.

9. Truth Has Been Revealed:

Image Credits: Imgur

This grandmother never lies.

8. Photo Album:

Image Credits: Imgur

My grandmother made me a photograph collection for my graduation blessing

7. Killed It:

Image Credits: Imgur

This grandpa knows how to make a passageway

6. Slowest Message:

Image Credits: Reddit

Grandmother sent this via the post office. This has to be the slowest message containing pictures.

5. Fit Grandparents:

Image Credits: Daily Mail Online

They do lifting every two times a week and also do trekking regularly.

4. Faster Than You:

Image Credits: Imgur

This grandpa runs marathons speedier than you

3. Love For Tim Tebow:

Image credits: Reddit

You can clearly witness how much this grandma loves Tim Tebow.

2. Ways To Finish Off Stress:

Image Credits: Reddit

This granny immediately sent this when she was informed that her grandson was tensed.

1. Loved Her Answered:

Image Credits: Quora

Someone asked this grandmother who is this girl sitting beside you and she replied that is me.

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13 Best Uplifting Movies to Watch if You Don’t Want Any Regrets in Life

Your prosperity depends to a great extent on inspiration and motivation. Every individual needs motivation. It can gain from wherever on the planet, even from the motion pictures that portray substances. One individual can gain from them as the stories educate the watchers in an exceptionally straightforward manner. There’s a great deal to be gained from these kinda motion pictures. They demonstrate to you how conventional individuals have done awesome things immensely. “I stress over youngsters [losing] trust,” he said. “Be that as it may, Hollywood [has given me] a ton of motivation.” Jack Ma. Here are 13 best uplifting movies ever:

13. Pirates Of Silicon Valley: Uplifting Movies

top inspirational movies

Image Credits: Turner Network Television

Uplifting Movies: This motion picture delineates the anecdote about the two major innovation Goliath in world Apple and Microsoft, It is about their opposition and their ascent into huge big shots that they both are today. It’s marginally old for the present period as the Social Network is more pertinent however regardless it has some critical data to gain from. On the off chance that you need to be fruitful then you unquestionably need to look at this.

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12. Wall Street: Uplifting Movies

best motivational movies

Image Credits: Partners Film Amercent Films

Uplifting Movies: His adage is “Avarice is great”. This motion picture is a reasonable case of how avarice can destroy your business. It influences you to address what happens when you’re pushed through your foot rear areas and solicited to accomplish something out from the crate. “Each fantasy has its cost.”

11. The Founder: Uplifting Movies

most inspirational movies

Image Credits: The Combine FilmNation Entertainment

The Founder (Uplifting Movies).This movie will demonstrate to you how you can develop your business and extend it so more individuals can approach it. It depends on a genuine story with that goal the same methodology can be connected in current circumstances as well.

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10. The Shawshank Redemption: Uplifting Movies

uplifting movies

Image Credits: Castle Rock Entertainment

Uplifting Movies: It’s the account of a man who was taken to jail for the murder of his tricking spouse, he utilizes the best out of the most exceedingly terrible circumstance and figures out how to accomplish more than numerous might suspect. “Dread can hold you, detainee, Hope can set you free.”

9. Uplifting Movies

inspirational movies

Image Credits: Noujaim Films Artificial eye

Uplifting Movies: The film demonstrates the experience of dot-com success and how companions can move toward becoming foes when they move toward becoming business accomplices.

8. Boiler Room: Uplifting Movies

best funny movies

Image Credits: Team Todd

Uplifting Movies: This film is a story of a dropout from the Queens College. He enters the universe of Stockbroking at an early age to awe his dad however soon he understands that his procuring potential isn’t exceptionally solid yet later concocts colossal commissions that assist him to survive. Before long he discovers that everything isn’t what it would seem that and from that point onward, he faces a predicament of cash, “eagerness versus ethics” and legitimates.

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7. The Game: Uplifting Movies

top 13 comedy movies

Image Credits: Propaganda Films

Uplifting Movies: This motion picture demonstrates the life of San Francisco’s broker who has so occupied in a business that it makes him be distant from everyone else then his young sibling gives him the lifetime blessing, which demonstrates to change his perspectives about world and way of life. The motion picture additionally influences you to scrutinize that when awful things begin to occur in your life, which is vital for you, business, achievement, and cash, or real existence with satisfaction?

6. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Uplifting Movies

funny movies to watch

Image Credits: Paramount Studios

Uplifting Movies: “Life moves quite quickly. On the off chance that you don’t stop to glance around sometimes, you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller, an enchanting and astute high schooler chooses to play hooky for a day from secondary school with his two closest companions. From Wrigley Field to a Polish Pride parade, Ferris and his companions capitalize on their three day weekend. With such an adorable principle character and an over-the-top story, this motion picture never neglects to influence anybody to grin.

5. Almost Famous: Uplifting Movies

list of comedy films

Image Credits: Vinyl Films

“One day, you’ll be cool. Look under your bed. It will set you free.” A young man gets boxes of records from his more established sister seconds before she leaves their family, particularly their impulsively strict mother, behind. The kid takes the records and his ability for composing out and about for an insane enterprise loaded with sex, medications, and shake and roll. Set in the 1970s, this film recounts a story that everybody should see to really comprehend the day and age.

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4. Harry Potter (1-8): Uplifting Movies

good comedy movies

Image Credits: 1492 Pictures Heyday Films

“‘Ok, music,’ he stated, wiping his eyes. ‘An enchantment past whatever we do here!'” Harry Potter (Uplifting Movies), a gutsy and decided kid learns he is a wizard on his eleventh birthday celebration. The seven books and eight films take after his experience growing up as a well-known wizard, a superb companion, and “the kid who lived.” Watching the motion pictures or perusing the books is a basic piece of understanding the gigantic realm that is Harry Potter and the enchanted sentiments the seven-year story gives any individual who enjoys it.

3. Sixteen Candles: Uplifting Movies

best comedy movies

Image Credits: Channel Productions Universal Pictures

“Would I be able to obtain your underpants for ten minutes?” A teenage young lady grapples with the way that her whole family disregarded her sixteenth birthday celebration in lieu of her sister’s wedding. Sixteen Candles (Uplifting Movies) is the ideal film to identify with for a secondary school understudy who feels like they don’t have a place. The story goes between amusing, pitiful, and sweet as the fundamental character discovers love where it appeared as though there was none.

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2. The Breakfast Club: Uplifting Movies

best Uplifting movies

Image Credits: A&M Films Channel Productions

“We’re all really unusual. A few of us are simply better at concealing it, that’s it in a nutshell.” Five youngsters are required to serve a sentence of secondary school detainment on a Saturday. The fundamental characters, who are apparently totally extraordinary, figure out how to comprehend and think about each other in spite of their radically unique notoriety through the span of one difficult day. The film is a sincere, angst, and a profoundly ardent story that anybody can associate with.

1. Forrest Gump: Uplifting Movies

Uplifting movies

Image Credits: Paramount Pictures

“Mom dependably said life resembled a container of chocolates. You never recognize what you’re going to get.” Forrest Gump (Uplifting Movies), a solid and adorable man, winds up inspecting his life of tragedy, battle, and development to a total outsider on a transport. This motion picture will make you extremely upset and set up it together again incalculable circumstances with its sweet yet severe tone. The film made motion picture history as a great in 1994 and has stayed a standout amongst the most loved motion pictures at any point made.


“Some person once disclosed to me the meaning of hellfire: On your last day on earth, the individual you moved toward becoming will meet the individual you could have moved toward becoming.” Some of the time, to end up fruitful and getting nearer to the individual we can move toward becoming, We don’t have to include more things, we have to abandon some of them.

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15 Weird Things That Were Perfectly Normal in the Past

The generally later past holds such a significant number of intriguing Weird Things that you have never known about and even battle to envision. While some of these Weird Things appear to be abnormal and crazy to us, they were totally ordinary and very basic amid that time. As we look through these photos, we can just think about what will influence our own relatives to grin one day. Here are some photographs delineating day by day exercises and Weird Things that were extremely standard before, notwithstanding how peculiar they may appear to you today.

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15. Vending Machine: Weird Things

Weird Things

Image Credits: simpleton318/imgur

Such a vending machine was considered as a very normal thing back in 1949 in the USA.

14. Water Massager:

Weird Things

Image Credits: tripfunny/imgur

In 1930 this massager was one of the most favorite Weird Things which woman used for their breasts.

13. Hair Straightening:

Weird Things

Image Credits: vintag psuedon/imgur

Who doesn’t like straight hair? All the woman do. So, for the purpose of straightening their hair, this was the easiest and most common method used by the woman in 1960.

12. Cocaine As A Remedy?

Weird Things

Image Credits: Wikimedia

In 1998 people used to use cocaine as a remedy if anyone ha a severe toothache.

11. A Mobile Church:

Weird Things

Image Credits: The Henry Ford/ Flickr

This is a mobile church which was the based on Ford T. It used to have a driver who was a priest. This practice was seen in the USA in 1922.

10. Record-Breaking Omlete:

Weird Things

Image Credits: LookdontTouch/imgur

This woman made a record-breaking omelet in a huge frying pan. She had tied bacon to her feet before 7,200 eggs were added to it. This was also done in the USA in 1931.

9. Entertainment: Weird Things

Weird Things

Image Credits: Sefton samuels/books google

Before the time of online video games and computers children used to play with each other. And this is one of the examples of them having fun with each other.

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8. Euphonia: Weird Things

Weird Things

Image Credits: history-computer

This automaton Euphonia was made in 1860 which was capable of imitating human speech.

7. Anything Better Than This?

Weird Things

Image Credits: Joe Wolf/Flickr

In 1960s kids were used for the advertisement of cigarettes. Can you find anything better than this?

6. Car Seat: Weird Things

Weird Things

Image Credits: RUAUMOKO/Reddit

This was considered such a cool seat for children in 1940s.

5. The Ghost Team: Weird Things

Weird Things

Image Credits: Goal

Argentina’s football group was booked to play against Bolivia on September 23, 1973. The group was separated into 2 gatherings. One gathering headed out to Tilcara at 2,500 m above ocean level to get used to the conditions. In any case, the Argentina FA overlooked the group and the group never got the primary installment for stores for provisions, the inn, and nourishment. Nobody could obtain data about the squad amid their stay in Tilcara. That is the reason they were called “The Ghost Team.”

4. Before The Invention Of Vaccine: Weird Things

Weird Things

Image Credits: briskt/Reddit

This was the world 105 years ago in 1903. There was a sign present on the left which read “In memory of L. H. Larsson and his beloved wife Emilie and their 5 children who were dead of diphtheria.”

3. Automated Caveman: Weird Things

Weird Things

Image Credits:

This is a picture which was taken from the Popular Science. It is showing how the workers at the Walt Disney Studios are building an automated caveman. It was being made for the New York World’s Fair in 1964.

2. Babysitter On Duty: Weird Things

Weird Things

Image Credits:

This picture depicts a very ordinary day of a babysitter in the 19th Century.

1. Scared?

Weird Things

Image Credits:

This picture shows that this way of scaring people was done back in time too. As this practice can be seen now too.

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