Mom Turns Daughter’s Wheelchair Into Cinderella’s Carriage And It Even Glows In The Dark

Just like many 3 year old’, Roslyn Breen adores Disney Princesses. The little girl wanted to be dressed like her favorite Disney princess, which left her mom Tiffany with a challenge to decide what costume her daughter should wear. Roslyn is born with a muscular condition which doesn’t allow her to walk or even sit up. Her mom, Tiffany was determined that her “Forever little princess” should receive some positivity this Halloween.

Tiffany knocked this one out of everything.

You all are familiar how Cinderella’s fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a carriage, right? Well here Tiffany, played the same role as fairy godmother and turned her daughter’s wheelchair into a carriage. She used the things she had in the house to magically transform her daughter’s wheelchair. She used hula hoops, zip ties, christmas decorations, battery operated lights and many more and result was much fascinating.

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Tiffany remains modest about her act and says, “I wanted her [Roslyn] to draw attention in a positive way. Sometimes, we get a lot of stares, for different reasons.” Many moms could relate to such sentiment whose child is a bit different than other kids.

The family attended “Boo at the Zoo” in their hometown, where Roslyn was welcomed as a princess and attracted many other kids as she wheeled in the zoo with a lighted carriage. People could spot her from a distance saying, “Look, there’s Cinderella in her carriage!”

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Roslyn was really a beautiful belle of the ball and people, who were totally stranger to her would come to her to have a picture with the adorable princess.

Mom Tiffany, tells “I knew she would draw attention when we went out on community events, but I was not prepared for how popular it would be. People were stopping us and requesting pictures … Roslyn brings us that joy every single day. How lucky are we?”

Roslyn’s condition is currently undiagnosed and her mom says that she has been ever searching for the causes since her birth. Tiffany reports “we’ve exhausted science.”

Roslyn is a very special princess, despite of her illness and such princess deserves an awesome costume that attracted a lot of people towards her in order to make her feel special. She is able to enjoy and roam around on Halloween just like other kids.

And that’s a big deal.

Tiffany says, “Although life hasn’t always been so easy with Roslyn, we are so grateful to be her parents! She brings such joy to our lives and we love sharing that with others! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her!”

There must be many little girls dressed up as Disney princess but Roslyn has a smile that lights her up from inside and outside as well. This girl made a splash during Halloween and there is something that unlike Cinderella whose cart got changed back to pumpkin, Roslyn will shine like a gem as this is really not her last ball.

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