10 Brain Hacks That Will Surely Make You Smarter

No, it is not difficult to gain access to your mind power and have a smarter working brain. Anyone can become a smarter version of themselves if they just follow the right procedure. Here we have some brain hacks that will make you a smarter person.

10. Feed Your Brain The Right Kind Of Food:

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You need to provide your brain with right kind of nutrition for mind power. If your brain isn’t given proper food, how will it work? In today’s era we tend to go toward low fat diets like crazy to lose weight and they lack fatty acids like Omega 3, which is the basic fuel of your brain. Introduce healthy fats to your diet like coconut oil, olive oil, salmon and almond butter to become a smart person you always wished to be.

9. Reboot Your Circadian Clock Completely:

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Circadian clock is your internal sleeping rhythm. Let me explain, sometimes you feel all groggy in the morning and tired and sleepy in the evening; it happens because your circadian clock (internal rhythm) might be messed up. In such case you have to reboot your system by saying no to caffeine and sugar. They are biggest enemy of your mind power. Instead, get direct sunlight in the morning to make you fresh and get rid of sleepiness. Track your sleeping record through apps available for your phone and set a proper sleeping routine.

8. Be Aware And Focus On The Moment:

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Stop trying to multitask. It might often happen that you might be doing one thing and your mind keeps on taking you to another journey and you lose your focus. Take a deep breath, focus on one task at a time and finish it with complete satisfaction, only then move on to the other one. This will give you mind power to stay focused and sharp in all situations and release pressure too.

7. Meditate Or Practice Yoga:

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Yoga stretches your entire body and keep brain active and involved, most importantly it connects your brain with your body and create a better sense of awareness about your surroundings. Meditation and Yoga both make you more concentrated on your tasks and give your mind power you always wished for.

6. Learn To Speed Read:

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Speed reading is the tool of smart people. When searching something, you go through books, articles, magazines and in order to extract the useful bits, you need to learn speed reading to save time. Practice speed reading, it will make your mind more focused, give you mind power to concentrate and make quick decisions and as a plus point, you will save a lot of time.

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5. Rewrite Your Emotions:

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Negativity eats your brain. Don’t let negative emotions take hold of you and stop you from achieving your full potential of mind power. Think of all the positive things that have happened, that can happen from even failure. Even failure makes you learn new things, gives you a new perspective so cancel out all those negative thoughts and look at the bigger picture.

4. Note Down Your Thoughts:

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Take a note pad and write down your thoughts on it. Your brain constantly battles with different thoughts so to give it a bit of relief write them all down, this will give your thoughts a proper structure and time to easily think about each and every thought. Writing them down would mean that even if you forget, the thought would be preserved and you won’t miss an important event or a story plot you’ve been meaning to complete.

3. Listen To Some Good Music:

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Listen to the music that makes you relaxed and happy. It is one of the best brain hacks to gain mind power. Music from your favorite artist can hit the right notes and it happens to release stress, stop seizures and cure insomnia. So, play those top 25 songs of your play list.

2. Give Yourself New Challenges:

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Challenges make your brain sharper. An empty brain will only be filled with hay so, keep your mind full by giving yourself different challenges. Take those classes you never thought you can, go out there and do the things that scare you, learn dancing or fighting. Picking up new skills always works for mind power.

1. Repeat It Till You Make It:

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Practice makes a man perfect. Repeat whatever you are learning till you become an expert on it. Like, you might be learning a particular code or algorithm, repeat it and rewrite it till it’s hard wired in your brain. This way you can have mind power of a learning skill and not forgetting it even when a long time passes.

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Article by Born Realist