Methods Of Using Steel Wire Rod

Wire rod is a hot-rolled round wire with a diameter of 5.5 to 14 mm. Rods are made of carbon steel of ordinary quality. Steel wire rod is a very strong wire, from which nails, electrodes, fittings, brackets, welding wire, etc. are made. Steel wire rod is widely used in various fields for various purposes. Therefore, its manufacturing has special requirements that are controlled very carefully.


The production technology of wire rod is quite simple. The metal billet in the form of a bar is processed on special wire or combined wire-section rolling mills.

Metal blanks are first heated to a certain temperature, and then pulled, passing through the shafts. They compress the work piece from all sides, thus forming a certain shape and size of the section. Then  hot steel rod comes to a special winding machine. The diameter of the produced rod varies from 5 to 12 mm.

Special attention is paid to the stage of cooling the finished product. It can be of two types – natural and accelerated. The first one is slower, but in this case the steel rod is softer and more flexible. Accelerated cooling takes place with the help of special fan installations or water. The process of cooling is carried out in one or two stages.

Next, the wire rod is cleaned from scale. The scale is removed by two methods: mechanical, using a special tool – a descaling breaker, or chemical, by dressing the preform in sulfuric acid.


Steel wire rod is widely used in our lives as a blank. Wire rod is suitable for packing dimensional cargo with a large weight. Without it, it will be very difficult to manufacture armo carcasses, because the wire binds are the bearing elements of the structures. Lattices are produced from a 6.5 mm diameter wire base and are used to connect masonry. The most popular diameters of wire rod are 6 and 8 mm. Material-wise, steel, and even copper with aluminum are usually used in the manufacture.

Steel wire rod is made from alloy steel which enhances the corrosion resistance and increases hardenability. Additionally, thanks to the optimal combination of flexibility and durability, steel wire rod is in demand in many areas of industry and construction. Mainly, it is used as initial raw materials (blanks) for a waist in various kinds of wires. Wire rod is used for the manufacture of metal structures of complex shapes as well. It is irreplaceable in the manufacture of various metal nets and frames, ropes, springs, welding electrodes, construction cables and ropes etc.

Wire rod is widely used in the construction industry, in the manufacture of reinforcement of a periodic profile for frames and structures made of reinforced concrete.

In addition, small diameter wire rod is used for packing various goods, in the manufacture of welding wire and electrodes, for the production of steel construction ropes, as telegraph wire and for many other purposes. Steel rod is part of the wires and cables, is a material for various metal products and structures.

This product is also an excellent means of lightning protection and is a perfect material for grounding.