Main Reasons Why Bad Bunny Is Successful 

Whether we like it or not, reggaeton music is already highly popular all over the globe, and it is the driving force behind the worldwide music business nowadays. 

And one of the performers that not only used this music wave to gain a lot of success but also is one of the singers that made it famous is Bad Bunny. He became popular worldwide, especially among young people, and if you are a fan, now is the most suitable time to buy Bad Bunny tickets since his 2023 tour is ongoing. 

Still, before you do so, it’s interesting to address the main reasons why this Puertorican music star is so successful in the music industry. Let’s start.   

Close Connection with His Fans

One of the main reasons Bad Bunny gained success and popularity is because he was close with his fans even during the tough Covid-19 times. To give you a perfect example, Bad Bunny spent more than three hours on his Instagram profile going live with his worldwide fans when his new studio album came out. And this wasn’t a one-song promotion since he listened to the whole album together with his music fans and engaged in conversations about which are their favorite songs while he was also singing and dancing. 

The fact that shows how much people follow and appreciate him is that over 250,000 viewers were on this Instagram live all the time. Furthermore, after he released this one, he also released another album and tried to help fans during the tedious and challenging times of lockdowns and quarantines. Also, Bad Bunny made a surprise live stream show on a truck that went around New York City, singing a number of his tracks for the fans. His fans always appreciate such dedication, and not many performers have such a beautiful connection with their audiences. 

He Loves His Country

Bad Bunny is actually from Puerto Rico, and one of the most interesting things about him is that he managed to become a music success mainly on his own. Still, he loves his country and wants to provide beneficial things for Puerto Rico every time he can. 

Of course, it’s easy to be around when everything is going well, but it is even more important to help at difficult times. One such occasion was when his native country was in huge trouble because of the effects of Hurricane Maria. Therefore, Bad Bunny created a single by the name of Estamos Bien in order to provide support to his fellow citizens. In addition, Bunny performed this track when he was a guest of Jimmy Fallon, and he managed to raise awareness by performing but also displaying videos and images of the damage that had happened. 

Bunny Has A Different Musical and Fashion Style

There are divided opinions among music audiences when it comes to the Bad Bunny style, some people dislike it a great deal, while others praise him for it, but it is fair to say that he is most certainly different from most other singers and musicians.

He is easily recognizable since he has colored sunglasses, baggy clothes, painted nails, and some eccentric ideas about dressing and fashion. Nevertheless, his different musical and fashion style also makes him stand out from other performers and gain a tremendous amount of popularity among audiences all over the globe. 

That’s why a lot of people from and out of the music industry sometimes call Bad Bunny eccentric or the agent of cultural transformation since he created a style that no one else can copy, even though many try to do so constantly. 

He Connects People Through Music 

Bad Bunny almost always tries to make lyrics and music that, together with his playful style, connect various types of people all around the world and bring them closer. The reason is that Bad Bunny has the quality to combine interesting beats and catchy lyrics to sing about worldwide issues or himself, which is welcomed by his fans from every country in the world. 

For example, Bad Bunny often tries not only to connect but also to raise awareness about many issues and global problems. An excellent example is the track Yo Perreo Sola which addresses the cruel murder of a transgender woman, Alexa Negron Luciano. Of course, every single studio album has various vibes and somewhat different styles, having different types of tracks like chill songs, breakup tracks, hype songs, and so on. 

And we have come to a conclusion where we can most certainly say that you shouldn’t waste any more time and buy Bad Bunny concert tickets immediately to make some beautiful memories with your beloved friends. He is evidently a successful performer and even if you don’t know many of his songs you will have the chance to dance all night! 

Article by Born Realist