Locksmith Tools for the Beginner Locksmith: how to use locksmith tools to unlock locks

No matter you are a professional locksmith or amateur, there are various tools for you to use to unlock doors or cars! Due to the sheer quantity and variation of these tools, many people who want to step to this field has been daunted and doubt if they can use these tools smoothly! So here, we will only briefly introduce some Lock Pick Set that you may use frequently today.


Super Mica

Super Mica is the world famous credit card that can be operated latch, and it is one of the most effective tools that work better on unlocking the door and can be used multiple times, with flexible, low-friction plastic sheets in a variety of sizes.


Tension Wrench

Tension wrenches are usually called tension tool or torque wrench by some people, these three different tool’s names are exactly the same tool! Tension wrenches are used for applying torque to the plug of the lock to hold any picked pins in place, each pin allowing a slight turn of the plug. After using the tension wrenches to pick all the pins, and then you need to use the tension tool to turn the plug fully and then the door can be unlocked! Most of these tools have a shape of letter “L”, and based on the “L” shaped, there are also many different variations.


Half-diamond lock pick

Half-diamond Lock Pick is probably the most commonly used lock pick nowadays. You can find this tool from most lock pick kits, and this generic lock pick can be used for single pin picking pin tumbler locks, and you can use this tool for basic lock raking and other types of locks, such as wafers and disk locks. The side angles of the half-diamond vary, allowing the lock picker to choose the degree of fine control inside the lock, and each style has different results single pin picking or for raking.


Hook pick

Hook pick is just like a half diamond pick, but it has a hook shaped picking end, while half diamond pick owns a half diamond. S stands for feelers or fingers and cannot be used for raking. These are very basic lockpicking tools that the lock picker would normally only need if he were to pick a lock the traditional way. A standard set of buckles will provide a small number of hooks in different sizes and shapes.


Rake picks

The regular wriggler rake’s work principle is that it rakes the pins by sliding the pick through all the pins, repeating several times to move the pins until they reach the shear line and are tensioning into place. It is much less tricky than using a single pin picking pins alone, and is usually suitable for older and cheaper locks. In normal, you can use a rake to set up multiple pins. After that, you can pick up the last remaining pins or 2 using a half diamond or ball pick. Beginners to lock pickers often use a rake because it is easier to handle and can give results in minutes. It works the same as other lock picks, tension is the key to unlock a lock successfully and must be practiced in order to get a good result.

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Article by Born Realist