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Are you packing for a trip into the forest? Are you hoping to have some fun exploring the wilderness? Are you into extreme sports? Or are you hoping to find something interesting in the woods that surround your hometown? Or are you just hoping to stock up your emergency tools pile in case your car backfires on the road somewhere at night? Well, whatever sneaky or super adventurous thing you’re planning, the ultra bright-Lumen tactical military flashlight is going to have to have your back!

Image credits: Born Realist Shop

In all seriousness guy accidents tend to happen and they don’t usually like to inform you before they do, so its better to be prepared when the time comes and if your going hiking or into the woods (for something super secret) you’ll love having the 500 lumens powered and adjustable zoom that provides up to one mile of range (we did say military you know). And if your out in the open what better companion to have? They’ll help you find your way around the dark at anywhere, being suited for climbing, hiking and all kinds of outdoor activities.

Image credits: Born Realist Shop

And if you’re hoping to be more inconspicuous, the flashlight has modes you can adjust and will keep you safe in any situation that arises, and it even has an excellent battery life making sure you have no worries when it comes to lighting up the world.

Image credits: Born Realist Shop

The best news is that the military grade flashlights are available on the Born Realist Shop and your being given a whopping 80% off on them! Well, what are you waiting for, light up your adventure with the UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight: 2-Pack! You can buy it here!