11 Things in Life That Are Worth Fighting For

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Your life is important, don’t waste it living someone else’s dream. We all have ambitions and life goals that set us apart. But there are a few things that should never be compromised on. We have just one life, why not fight for the things we deserve?

Personal Well Being:

life goals

Simple goals don’t exist. A goal is a form of accomplishment that requires exertion and sacrifice. There are no valued ventures worth taking an interest in which don’t require some level of effort and hustle. Decades from now when you’re laying on your deathbed, you won’t recollect the days that were simple, you will treasure the times when you transcended your troubles and overcome goals of high level. You will long for the quality you found inside yourself that enabled you to accomplish what once appeared to be unimaginable. Try not to do what’s simple, do what you’re prepared to do. Bewilder yourself with your own particular greatness.


life goals

People change and change can be amazingly fulfilling, yet only when the process of growth depends on genuineness and truth. When you’re not being credible some place in your life or with somebody in your life, any endeavor at change inevitably prompts outrage and dissatisfaction. Reality always creeps down on you; it doesn’t stop to exist when you disregard it. Being fake about any part of your personality gradually digs a dark hole of emptiness in your soul. Life will basically not work for you if you don’t appear as YOU. Reality may not be anything but difficult to manage, but rather it will constantly set you free at last. Never believe the truth told to you by another person. People who experience their lives as wonderfully and honestly, always search for the truth for themselves. Honesty will not only set you free but also show you the real side of the world. Fight for your right to be heard and fight for your right to speak what you believe in.

Try not to give anybody a chance to put blinders over your eyes or disclose you to lies. You should see everything as it may be: the great, terrible and the, extremely excellent. Another one of the amazing life goal that you need to achieve.

Your Dream Job:

life goals

If you want to count among the few people who love going to work every day, then you need to love your job for that. No dream job is ever given to anyone, otherwise, everybody would be willing to work as performing artists, astronauts, specialists and late night anchor people. There are a great many people with the same aspiring goals like you and the best way to beat them is to always fight for it. Because winners fight till the end, they don’t give up and achieve their dreams.

Your Freedom:

life goals

“Do yourself a favor, become your own savior” – Daniel Johnson

No one but you can fight for the life you envisioned for yourself. Try not to give anybody a chance to keep you down, place you in a corner or reveal to you that you can’t have that kind of life. Your life is yours whether you need to be rich, popular or live in Africa, just do it. Your freedom is an essential right you have and declining to fight for it is like dying before your heart quits. Never surrender your freedom, which is your right to be, do and see anything you need. You are as free as you hustle to be.

Positive Change (life goals):

life goals

When you’re in a situation you would prefer not to be in, the possibility of changing to any improvement whatsoever can be pretty engaging. However, unfocused change just for sake of it won’t really excite you. When you utilize your time and energy to make a change make sure it’s a change that won’t just move you forward from where you are, yet will likewise move you to a higher place.

Understanding that you have to become positive can be an incredibly motivating, yet in order for it to work you should apply it toward making things of significant worth. Try not to fight against what you don’t need; make what you do need. Try not to punish the people who have caused you pain; let go and concentrate on something new that alleviates your misery. Try not to concentrate on what you are fleeing from; give your attention to all the positive things you are working for.

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True Love:

life goals

There is no perfect partner out there who will take care of every one of your issues. There is no love at first sight, the instant adoration that keeps going without any work and responsibility. However, there is somebody who might be worth hustling for. Not on the grounds that they’re perfect, but rather in light of the fact that they’re flawed in all the ways that are appropriate for you. You compliment each other’s imperfections in a way that enables your two souls to join together and work all the more proficiently as one. You will know when you meet this individual when through them you meet the absolute best in yourself. Regardless of whether they cherish you back or not, fight for them. This might be the hardest fight of all, especially when you are fighting for someone who doesn’t know they cherish you yet. However, love is one of the main things worth living for. A perfect example of great life goals.

A Mind Free of Envy:

life goals

Envy and desire are expensive diseases; you basically can’t act naturally inside their limits. When you offer into them, the value you pay is high – an awful state of mind, a useless personality, a feeling of inadequacy, and an endless headache. Being jealous of what another person has resembles drinking poison and sitting tight for it to change your situation by one means or another. Just like this, tearing another person down in your envious personality just tears you down, in reality.

Patience and Persistence:

life goals

Before you give up, consider how terrible it would be if the goals you have attempted to accomplish required only a small amount of extra effort. How unfortunate would it be if the bus you’ve been waiting for arrived five minutes after you left the bus stop? Not only does success require tireless efforts, it requires perseverance and patience too. Rest when you are drained, but don’t stop. You never really know what’s just around the corner. It could be all that you’ve been working for, or it may be simply one more mile marker on your path. In any case, when you continue putting one foot before the other, one day the following step you take will be the one that takes you to your life goals.

New Change:

life goals

Never allow your life to stagnate. Keep it intriguing, moving and, above all, continually evolving. Repetitiveness resembles sand trap; the simplicity of day by day routine and an anticipated future can pull you in and be difficult to escape from. You should fight to keep your life different and this should be at the top of your life goals. You should constrain yourself out of the repetitiveness of life and work to keep it interesting and exciting. Never let the monotonous routine prevent you from advancing. Hustle to be motivated, inspired and unique.

Long Lasting Friendships:

life goals

Another perfect Life Goals! Friendships turn out to be difficult to keep up as you get older and it becomes extremely important to realize which friends deserve fighting for and which you have to give up. Simply realize that the ones who make you laugh, who enable you to overlook your agony and recall that life is great are constantly worth fighting for. Since laughing, in a world of stress and distress, is the one main thing that will cheer you up. While everything else is terribly wrong, that one companion who can make you laugh when you’re about to cry may very well save your life.



At the end of the day, you are all you have. Regardless of whether it’s the way people recall you or what you’re known for, keep yourself guarded and alert all the times. Make people discuss you the way you need to be talked about and remember you the way you should be remembered. Fight for yourself, fight for the person you’ve worked so difficult to turn into. Try not to give anybody a chance to tear you down without your permission. This is your life and you should be remembered the correct way for it. (Life Goals)

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– Article by Born Realist