8 Ways to Judge Others by Their Body Language

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Everyone at some point wants to be able to tell the difference between genuine and fake. When it comes to human being, there are two sides to each being, one they pretend to be ‘outer shell’ and one they actually are ‘the inner core’. There are often people with great difference between their inner and outer self, So how to know if the person is genuine or fake. A person’s body language tells more than their mouth does. Here are 8 ways that will help you in judging people based on their body language.

1.Resistance to any Idea

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If a person’s legs or arms are crossed, it simply means he/she is creating a barrier suggesting they are not open to your ideas or don’t agree with you. For example if you are trying to negotiate a deal with someone and they cross their arms or legs, it means they are not ready for negotiation. By judging people based on this sign you can change your way of handling situation, making the deal more interesting.

2. Genuine Smile

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People often smile to hide what they are thinking about. Judging people smiles can tell you if they are genuinely happy or there’s something else going in their mind. If their eyes crinkle while they smile it means their smile is genuine.

3. Lying People

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You might have often heard the phrase “look me in the eye when you talk to me”. Maintaining eye contact can be difficult when lying because of guilt but some people try to sound genuine and stare in the eyes, Staring for an uncomfortably long period of time without blinking means that the person is lying or hiding something. Judging people by their eyes would tell you the difference between real and fake.

4. Positive Bonding

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Have you ever noticed while meeting someone new, they cross their legs when you do, reach for the glass at same time as you. They unconsciously copy all the things you do, This is good. This means that they are bonding with you and thing would go smoothly with them. Judging people on their body mimicking would tell you if they are comfortable or uncomfortable facing you.

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5. Every Posture have a Story

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Have you ever just seen someone walk in the room and immediately guessed that they are the one in charge. How can you find the one in charge by judging people. The one in charge are standing straight with shoulders back, it is an unconscious thing but when someone is in power, they have a stiff straight posture depicting power.

6. Sign of Discomfort

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Three things would immediately raise you eyebrows, Worry, Fear and surprise. When you are casually talking to your friend and there’s no sign of the three emotions, it would be hard to raise you eyebrows. Be judging people on their eyebrows movement you can easily see if the person is having some kind of trouble.

7. Judging People

judging people

When someone is judging people, they would not directly look them in the eye, instead they would try to look at them without the other persons knowledge. This is because when someone is thinking something about the person they don’t want them to know, they unconsciously try to be secretive.

8. Stressed

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Even if the person is saying that they are fine and there jaw is clenched, they are definitely not fine. When a person is extremely stressed they clench their jaw and sit in stiff posture. That is because they are trying to control themselves and not let the stress takeover.

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Article by Born Realist