Is Your Necklace Out of Style?

The holiday season is here, which means you’re likely going to have a lot more parties to go to and friends to see. Though it’s an exciting time of year, it also has a lot of people thinking more about their fashion and style, especially with so many events to attend. Getting dressed up and picking out the perfect accessories are all part of the fun, including picking out the perfect necklace to go with your outfit. If you haven’t been keeping up on the latest trends, keep reading to learn more about current trends in jewelry and how to tell if your necklace is out of style.

Is your necklace out of style?

Before you head to your next party, you’re going to need some jewelry to help accessorize. If your go-to necklace is a few years old, you might be wondering if it’s still in style or if you should purchase a new one. Style experts are saying that this is the year of the statement necklace, so if your taste tends to be subtler, you may want to pick up something with a little shine for the holiday season.

If you’re in the mood to splurge, diamond necklaces never go out of style. Diamonds are also always holiday-appropriate and a popular holiday gift. The other benefit of investing in diamonds is that they hold their value and can be passed down for generations if you so choose. Diamonds are also a great way to add some elegance to an ensemble or recognize the importance of an evening with appropriately high-end accessories.

Artistic and unique brooches are also making a comeback this winter. It’s all about showing off sparkle in an interesting way. Whimsical necklaces or styles that put a twist on a classic are especially popular and a good example of this trend. Use your jewelry to add a pop of color or a bit of extra flash; it’s the perfect way to complement your favorite festive attire.

What other accessories should you pick up this winter?

With the winter fast approaching, it’s time to start looking for cold-weather accessories. Now that the cold weather has arrived in many parts of the United States, you’ll see plenty of warm new arrivals to shop for at all of your favorite stores. Accessorizing in the winter can be tricky, and it’s usually best to prioritize function over form, though many of the best purchases combine both.

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Since face masks are still required in many places in the country, why not choose a stylish one? You might be surprised by how stylish some of the newest masks are, and you can even find colors or patterns that are perfect for the holiday season. You can find face masks with rhinestones, beading, and even metalwork.

There’s no doubt that the holidays can be stressful, but one way to boost your mood is to spend some time planning your winter wardrobe. Given how creative some of the current trends in fashion and jewelry are, it can be a lot of fun to sit down and pick out some outfits and accessories to wear to all your parties and family gatherings. When it comes to necklaces, focus on finding statement pieces with plenty of glitz if you want to stand out at your next event. Above all else, make sure you find a style that makes you feel glamorous.

Article by Born Realist