IS SHE THE ONE: Are You in Love or Are You Just Attached?

Is it getting difficult for you to think of a future without your partner?

Do you wake up every morning and sigh in relief when you see that he or she is still there and when you realize two are evolving into something more than just a casual fling?

In this article you’ll get to know about how to find love, how to choose a life partner, qualities to look for in a husband, how to find a relationship, choosing the right partner for marriage and what to look for in a partner for life.

Do you miss them constantly and hope to see them at the end of day?

Is the distance hard for you to bear?

All of these things your feeling can be because your in love with your partner, but it can also be because your starting to become attached to them and are “getting used” to the feeling of having them around.


In all seriousness, we don’t want to ruin a good thing for you by telling you your pure feelings aren’t pure and putting doubts in your head when there shouldn’t be any, but it’s also important to understand that getting too attached and feeling like your in love is something that happens very often.

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And so, in the spirit of helping you better understand your relationship we’ve written down some points to help you, let us know what you think in the comments!

Attachment is fleeting, love leaves a mark (Romantic Partner Love):

If you lose someone you love you’ll feel the emptiness for a good long while. Whereas the blow of losing someone you were attached too will be so much easier to consul.

While at the start things will be difficult for you and you might feel hindered and alone but very soon you’ll start feeling lighter.

Whereas being in love is a completely different experience.

If you truly love someone and lose them, you’ll feel the hurt for as long as you live and getting over it won’t mean forgetting about that person forever like it would if you were simply attached to them. It will mean getting used to the loss of that person.

Attachment is selfish, love is giving (Romantic Partner Love)

If your simply attached to a person everything you do is about you.

Your needs, your wants. If there away from you you’ll want them close because you can’t bear it. You don’t want them to pursue their dreams because it’ll mean that they’ll send less time with you.

All of these thoughts are selfish and it can be that what you feel towards your partner isn’t love at all, its simply attachment.

If your truly in love you’ll feel obliged to do more for your partner.

You’ll want them to be happy and while wanting something for yourself is natural, you’ll feel the need to put your wants aside for your partner.

Love isn’t easy, but attachment is (Romantic Partner Love):

Getting attached is the easiest thing in the world, falling love however is the hardest and most complicated thing in on this planet.

When you’re truly in love you’ll feel it because the feeling isn’t like any other.

And despite common belief attachment and dependency is what brings a person to their knees and to the brink of death and ecstasy.

Love is serious and can set you free and to fall in love one must understand what the feeling really is, its the conscious decision to spend your life with a person, to want them despite their flaws, and that, can never be an easy task.

Love sets you free, attachment is constricting (Romantic Partner Love):

If you truly in love with a person you won’t feel the need to be in constant contact with them.

Love gives you a kind of security nothing else can while attachment is the kind of thing that keeps you up at nights wondering where your significant other is and who their spending their time with and why it isn’t you.

When the two of you will be mutually in love there won’t be a need for worrying about little things, you’ll be free from constant worrying and your soul will be at peace like it hasn’t ever been before.

Love helps you do better, attachment keeps you from it (Romantic Partner Love)

When two people are in love all they’ll want is for their partner to do better and become better. They’ll want to give them the best in the world and will want to be a part of the success they achieve.

If your simply attached you’ll worry more about how them improving themselves is going to affect you, you’ll wonder if they’ll leave you if they get successful and it will keep you up at nights.

Thoughts like this can stem from anxiety as well, and your anxiety may just be coming from being attached to a person who isn’t good for.

It’s important to know that you can always leave a relationship like this, and it’s also important to make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

Conclusion: love is Forever whereas Attachment is fleeting and shallow (Romantic Partner Love)

romantic partner love

If you’re really in love you’ll know that this is how it’s going to be for all your life and you’ll be happy to accept this forever with your significant other.

While thinking of the future with your significant other in the case of attachment will only bring you pain and confusion. You won’t be sure how you’ll want to proceed and you’ll have a bad feeling about how things will end and how things are going to go.

The honest truth is that you’ll know when you’re in love, it is immensely different from attachment, you’ll be able to feel it.

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Article by: Born Realist