10 Signs That You’re Secretly an Introvert

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You think you know an introvert? Well, think again! Most of the time people are unaware of their inner traits, particularly talking about an introvert. Considering you’re not shy, or boring because having an introvert personality is not all about being alone. You can figure out if you’re an introvert by understanding your energy gains and losses. Despite the growing introvert club, researchers are still trying to understand this personality trait and its fundamentals. Recently the American Psychiatric Association also classified an introvert personality as a disorder and included it in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is used to diagnose mental illness. This doesn’t mean that introverts are crazy, it simply means, people with an introvert personality are unique and different to the society and the researchers are analyzing, what makes them different.

If you still haven’t figured out your personality trait, then here are 10 signs that you’re secretly an introvert:

You Avoid Small Talk

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Avoiding small talk consumes the biggest part of an introvert personality, as they find it completely unnecessary and as a source of anxiety and annoyance. Introverts on the other hand like to listen more and observe more. Let’s make one thing clear, they don’t hate small talk just because they don’t like people, they hate small talk because it increases the awkward distance between two people.

You Attend Parties But Don’t Socialize

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People with an introvert personality might actually like going to parties, but not to meet new people. Usually, they go as a favor to a friend or are dragged by someone. At a party, you’ll find an introvert following their extrovert friend or filling themselves at the snack bar unless someone approaches them first. It’s important to understand that introverts are not rude; they just have a hard time initiating a conversation. But keep in mind people with an introvert personality know how to win your heart with their charm.

Big Crowds Make You Anxious (Introvert personality)

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It is common for someone with an introvert personality to feel left out in a crowd even when surrounded by the people they know. Chances are you start fidgeting with your phone or drift away in your wonderland, exiting the world of loud chatters. If you feel this way, you’re definitely an introvert. However, there is a certain misconception about introverts; people tend to consider them as shy or stuck ups. No! Introverts are not specifically shy. Despite being quiet, and more observant, these people are extremely confident and know themselves better than anyone else.

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You’re Easily Distracted

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Extroverts are easily bored when there is nothing on their plate. Whereas, in the case of introverts; they are easily distracted or overwhelmed in a stimulating environment. Those with an introvert personality are known to be wanderers. Their minds are always wondering and wandering, trying to make sense of everything happening.

Spending Time Alone is Crucial

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Extroverts might be at their most excited and happiest stage when at a party or socializing with new people. However, the situation is opposite for someone with an introvert personality. Introverts need quality time to be alone in order to recharge their energy. An introvert’s happy place is their home. Spending the day in bed, watching Netflix, eating pizza and drinking coffee is a perfect day to gain their energy.

Also, they don’t literally shut themselves from the world. They need to interact in order to be productive. Spending time alone does not mean they are lonely. They simply value their alone time.

Your Best friend is an Extrovert

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There’s chance you were found by an extrovert friend and they literally adopted you. Opposites definitely attract. An introvert personality is generally attracted to someone more outgoing, confident and possessing a strong personality who encourage you to go out and have fun.

Together they make a very adventurous and exciting duo of both the personality traits.

You Hate Answering Calls – Even From Friends

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No, they are not ignoring you, and no they don’t hate you. I’m sure someone with an introvert personality will completely agree with me on this one. For me, a ringing slow-ticking time bomb that makes me anxious and all panicky. It’s not that they hate the idea of conversing on phone, but they are annoyed by unannounced phone calls and long unnecessary chat. I do like a long chat with an old best friend, trying to catch up but after a time, I’d really wish they hang up. Text Messages and voice notes are simply made for us.

You’ve Been Called an Old Soul

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People with an introvert personality are often termed as the old soul. Maybe because they observe more than others or think before speaking, this definitely has its own benefits. They perceive a situation from all the different perspectives and are genuinely interested in things that other may find boring and old.

You Look At The Big Picture

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An introvert personality is very dynamic and unique. When discussing serious matters they tend to look at the bigger picture and look more into details than the facts. They have an open mind and love to hear different opinions. However, they are not afraid to share their own.

You are Very Creative

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There is not one person with an introvert personality I’ve come across and they are not creative. Introverts are highly creative individuals and great thinkers. A majority of introverts you meet are great philosophers, thinkers, artists or writers.

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