These are the 10 Things You Need to Keep in Mind If You’re Going for an Interview

Resume? check. Cover Letter? Check. Job Description? Check. Interview Request? Check. Now it’s time for the final round…

Are you Prepared? Are you qualified for the Position? Have you done your homework on the Company? Is this the best option? Do you have the right dress? Are you confident? Have you practiced enough?

If these questions are constantly running through your mind, Don’t panic! Born Realist is here to let you get over all these hurdles and help you land a successful interview. Just Keep these 10 Interview Guide.

10. Read Your Resume Thoroughly Before Going to The Interview

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Reading the resume may not seem as an important task to keep in mind, when going for an Interview, but it is because most of the time people don’t really give any attention to the content of resume or how well is it written, this will create a stark difference in the eyes of the interviewers if the person is unable to relate his knowledge to that of the resume and he’ll appear dumb to them. This will most probably make them lose interest and they would want to discontinue the session. If you don’t want to make any blunders during the interview then simply follow this basic Interview Guide.

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9. Know The Company, There Aim and What are They Looking For

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Here’s an Interview Guide, before you go for the Final round, Go to the company’s website and check the ‘About Us’ link, it will provide you with details about the Nature of work being done there and what are the company’s policies and goals. Also if possible read the latest updates on the company’s work. How will it help you? Firstly it will help you in knowing if this company is suitable for you. Secondly, it will help you form Important questions that you can ask the Interviewer, this will make you appear prepared and interested in there work, giving you a plus point and making you a potential candidate for there company.

8. Practice Different Interview Guide and Tricks Before the Interview

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Before the interview practice, it would help you polish your skills before the interview. Stand in front of the mirror, it is the best way to practice your speech, body language and help you form eye contact and appear confident. Another Interview Guide is practice handshake with every person you meet with eye contact and a non-creepy smile. Make a small setup with friends for a pretend interview, analyze the mistakes and work on it.

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7. “First Impression is The Last Impression” Dress Wisely

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Check the work environment of the company you are going to Interview for, If it’s business environment, wear a formal suit or something semi-formal but under no circumstances go for casual. Be organized, wear minimalist prints or plain dress with neutral colors. Here’s an extra Interview Guide, Do try the dress before the interview to stop any last minute delays or hassles.

6. Be There on Time for the Interview: Interview Guide

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This is the most important Interview Guidefor you, Don’t ever be Late under any circumstances, keep at least a 15-minute margin and arrive early, this will help you relax and get organized and manage any paperwork if it was left out. Arriving late will create a nonserious Image in the eyes of Interviewer and he might not consider you even before the Interview Guide. If you don’t know the location of the Office, go one day before to the given location to pan the timing and transport to reach on the Big Day.

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5. Don’t Under Any Circumstances Crack Jokes

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No matter how friendly does the interviewer appear or seem impressed, Read this Interview Guide carefully if you want a Positive Image. Don’t crack a joke. I repeat, Do Not Crack A Joke! even if it’s the end of the interview Guide and everything went well still don’t crack a joke, Because one Bad joke can destroy your entire Image, make you look unprofessional and create a negative image in the eyes of Interviewer, you would lose the job even before you had it.

4. Be Well Behaved, Focus on Your Manners and Talk Politely

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Yes, this matters the most and tells a lot about your character during the interview. On arriving great everyone with a warm smile and polite handshake while maintaining eye contact. An interview is the best time to take out all the manners that you learned during school years, this will help create your positive image and the interview will go smoothly from there onward. Follow this Interview Guide and the job is yours.

3. Keep Your Mobile Phone Switched Off

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This is one of the Vital things that most people forget, even professionals. you have to know that an Interview Guide is the first formal meeting that you have with the Company, your phone ringing in between will annoy or distract the Interviewer, Mostly Companies don’t like unwanted distractions during the Interview because it is as Important for them as it is for you, on the other hand, it would make you look unprofessional and again create a negative image. Follow this Interview Guide if you want to look professional.

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2. Give Practical Examples During Conversation and End Answers Positively

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Give practical examples to support your answers whenever possible. This Interview Guide will help the interviewer understand better and know your mental capacity and knowledge. The interviewer might ask you unrelated interview questions that have nothing to do with the company but everything to do with your personality, so try your best and give positive answers to every question directed your way.

1. Think and Give the Best Possible Reply to Any Question

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Don’t Panic when a question is directed your way, keep calm, take your time, analyze the words and give the best possible answer as you used to do in the examination. This will let Interviewer know that you are a cautious person and know how to handle different situations, You’ll get the Job or not, it all depends on your Answers so here’s one last Interview Guide, don’t answer without thinking.

At the end of the Interview give a polite handshake with a warm smile and say Thank you no matter how the interview went, This will not help you in getting the job but will create a positive image, which might add a plus point. So go ahead Follow these Important Interview Guides and give that Interview, you’ll nail it!

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– Article by Born Realist