Your 7 Step Guide To Become An Internet Celebrity

Every one of us wants to leave a legacy behind after we are gone. Most people think being famous would help them in creating a name for them and let their thoughts spread throughout the world. But it’s not easy to be famous in this world where there’s more competition and less opportunities. At time like this, internet seems like the best way to reach a billion people while showing your talent just from home. If you want to be famous through the internet, here’s your guide to be an Internet Celebrity.

7. Select Your Persuit:

Internet Celebrity

First thing you have to do to become a Internet Celebrity is to find the talent, direction you want to go in. What is it that you are knowledgeable and passionate about because your passion and knowledge regarding your pursuit will make it easier for you to connect to a large number of audiences.  Make sure that you don’t pretend to be someone you are not because sooner or later you will get uncomfortable keeping up the act and you won’t be able to give your hundred percent to the aim. It will lead you to lose a large number of audience. Just do whatever you want to do with a proper structure and be yourself.

6.Choose A Platform:

Internet Celebrity

You should use multiple platforms to reach a higher number of audiences. It will help you get famous in less amount of time. You could choose at least two or three of these platforms as they have a large number of audiences that will help you become an internet celebrity in no time. Write your own blog using WordPress, give your followers a proper platform to follow you and be up-to-date with your work, micro blogging using Twitter, make video blogs for YouTube, choose social network that best suits your pursuit like, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn.

5. Develop A Strategy For Social Media:

Internet Celebrity

After choosing your platforms, decide the amount of time that you would want to give to each platform. Decide all the hours of the day you want to spend on them. Make a list and follow it doing specific tasks in morning, evening and night. Use automated programs to automatically publish your work at a specific time. This will help you manage everything easily and help you reach your goal of becoming internet celebrity with less effort.

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4. Be Consistent:

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Be consistent with your content on all platforms. Make one username and profile picture that you will use on all networks as an internet celebrity. Create and share similar type of content on all platforms that might be linked to each other somehow. The followers on one platform shouldn’t feel any different than those on other platforms.

3. Engage The Audience:

Internet Celebrity

You should always be humble towards the people who are helping you rise to fame, your audience. Engage with them by asking feedback and other questions. Encourage discussion and questioning, reply to the best questions or messages but don’t reply to each and every one as they would think of you as spam. Make sure you don’t have any grammatical errors as they might give you negative response.

2. Hashtags And Memes:

Internet Celebrity

Hashtags are an easy way for people to see your work. If you become quite famous, you can create a hashtag specifically regarding your pursuit. Memes are the best way to go viral on social media. Create your memes on interesting topics and you’ll be an Internet Celebrity in no time.

1. Keep Fresh Content:

Internet Celebrity

Your followers will keep coming back for more if your content is unique, up-to-date and fresh. If you keep on posting similar stuff, people will lose interest and it would interrupt your dream of becoming a Internet celebrity. Respond on fan’s feedback and give them the type of content they asked for. This will make them your permanent follower.

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