10 Inspirational Instagram Accounts You Should Start Following

Instagram is truly one of my most loved ways to communicate to the people I believe. Regularly, the posts are a blend of business-related posts with looks “off camera” that are of a more personal nature. It’s absolutely voyeuristic, yet I cherish becoming acquainted with them along these lines!

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Here are 10 inspirational Instagram blogs that I found for you guys.

Elon Musk Instagram


Follow the famous tech billionaire and get updates about his recent projects. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Diane Sanfilippo

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The newest episode of the Build a @BadassBusiness Podcast is about criticism. "Stop Criticizing and Start Creating." ## If you find yourself criticizing or judging what others do negatively too often, you're not creating enough. Stop being idle with your time and your energy, MAKE SOMETHING. ## The fastest way to remedy your own critical self is to put something out there that you've made, watch how fast you draw back your criticism gun the next time you feel like shooting it. Then allow your newly positive energy to become contagious as you criticize less and less. ## Tune in this week and every week to TWO new episodes of @badassbusiness that'll motivate and inspire you to build your business with heart and hard work. #badassbusiness #entrepreneur #marketing #smallbusiness

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Follow Diane for all your business related queries and also some great recipes.


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#BetterLetteringCourse Dec Challenge 2/31 — #letteredreflections [ your biggest challenge ] “I need help.” “I need more time.” “I need some space.” “I need sleep.” “I need to take a break.” “I need a big ole bowl of mac n’ cheese tonight.” This has been one of the hardest things for me to learn about myself this year: that I have trouble asking for what I need without guilt. But it’s also been something I’ve gotten a lot better about with some intentional effort, and it has made ALL the difference. I think part of being happy is learning what makes you thrive and having the courage to communicate that to the people you love. Also… going back to the art journal so I can finish it before the new year and post my pages! It’s so fun to have a consolidated place to explore new techniques and ideas! #honesty #lettering #handlettering #artjournal #creativity #dailyart #letteringchallenge

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Follow Caroline for original pieces of art, literature, quotes, and business.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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Follow Elizabeth Gilbert learn about the journey of an author.

The Rock

You all know Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”. He is one of the most inspiring and motivational people of 2017. Follow him to stay motivated.


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Celebrating Sugar with my @owntv team.

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The Richest lady in the history of television will help you set some unimaginable goals.

Do Something

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Something to keep in mind ?

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Do Something is a global non-profit organization that teaches the youth and adults the value of life and how every small step can make a big change

Andrew Jones

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If I could title this picture I would call it "True Love." I was told by my nurses and doctors that I was not supposed to be exercising in any form while awaiting a heart transplant (I complied) and my physical activity was reduced from sneaking push-ups in my hospital room to ambulating -or- walking. The crux of the matter is that you never ever EVER let anything get in the way of love….❤️?? . . . . #truelove #lovewhatyoudo #lovewhatmatters #love #hearttransplant #hearttransplantsurvivor #fitness #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #hospitalroom #hospitallife #fitspo #fitmotivation #nevergiveup #fitlife #pushupchallenge #striveforgreatness #getoffyoass #whatsyourexcuse #noexcuses #mondaymotivation #motivation #mondayvibes #ilovemondays #gymmotivation #gymmeme #workoutmotivation #workoutmeme #youcandoit #savage

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Fitness with AJ will help you following the diet plan that you’ve been planning since last year.


The Secret

The secret is your ultimate guide for all the positive thoughts and everyday quotes.

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