This Insanely Talented Cake Maker Bakes ‘Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Cake’

If you want people to talk about how great your party long after it’s over you need to provide your guests with good company, good entertainment and most importantly good food. Whether you are serving a full meal or finger-sized snacks, it is imperative that it be interesting and delicious. It may include assorted salads, quirky cocktails or bite-sized desserts. Even if it’s not a theme party it is a good idea to serve unique theme based snacks to spice things up.

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Unconventional dessert ideas:

A girl had a similar to surprise her guests with something they will not soon forget. When it was time for dessert, she brought in this huge cake shaped as a hyper-realistic Cockroach.We would have loved it if somebody had recorded the reactions of her guests when she brought in this masterpiece, which she had handcrafted herself. We imagine the reactions would have been of shock, horror and utter fascination. They would have been quite entertained by the whole spectacle of cutting this cake. We can guarantee people will definitely be talking about this out of the ordinary cake for a long time in the future and some will even try to replicate it.

As most people find cockroaches rather gross, eating a dessert shaped as an insect might have been disturbing for some, Especially if you have kids in the party. Although it makes for a great Halloween themed cake if it is too weird for some people you can always improvise to make it into cuter, more harmless insects. For example, this Red and White polka dotted Ladybug cake. This colourful cake will be great for a kid’s birthday party and will definitely have the children asking for more. It will look great with a matching black and red decor and maybe if you can find some ladybug shaped chocolates, they will be great for the goody bags!

Other less strange options:

If you want to bake a cake that is pretty and interesting, what better option than having it in a shape of a butterfly. It will be well-suited for numerous themes and you can get as creative as you want. Experiment with different colours and patterns for the butterfly’s wings. It is also a good idea to get your children to help out in the decoration and turn it into a fun activity for all. Don’t blame us if you feel bad about cutting this masterpiece later!

We believe baking is a form of art. The options are unlimited and it’s a great way to get those creative juices flowing. There are plenty of talented bakers uploading extensive tutorials on youtube on decoration and baking. If you are committed to creating something that is interesting as well as scrumptious, all it takes is a little practice and determination.

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