14 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored

Summer break is the best time anyone can ask for. And why one shouldn’t? You are finally freed from stress and workload. No overtime, no sacrificing of sleep and no hassle to be conducted in order to meet the deadlines. Who wouldn’t want to spend few days relaxed after those said responsibilities? However after a while, summer break becomes a hell for them. The only reason that can explain this phenomenon is: boredom. With nothing to occupy them, they find themselves wandering aimlessly around the house, looking for a work or a distraction. And if they are unable to find it, they get frustrated for doing nothing all day. The best solution to curb the boredom is to do productive activities. Now what these activities might be? They are elaborated below as such;

1. Find A Summer Job:

If you are that kind of person who can’t sit idly, I would recommend you to hire yourself in a summer job. It seems like a bizarre suggestion, but look from this perspective: first you will have a work to do, so the chances of getting slack off will reduce and secondly you will earn some money, which you can use for your own leisure purposes. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

2. Do Some Book Reading:

I’m sure you all have bookshelf with books in it. Have you read all of them? If the answer is ‘No’, then get into reading. What’s the use of having a shelf full of books if you aren’t into reading? Make the target of finishing the certain book by two weeks and don’t start another one if you aren’t finish with preceding one. Your boredom will replace with the love of reading. If you are run out of books, exchange them with new ones.

3. Volunteer Work:

There are lots of volunteer opportunities during the summer break. If you have no travel plans, indulge yourself into those activities that are good for the society. There are many benefits of doing volunteer work. You are increasing productive by doing something that will benefit the society and the whole country.

4. Be Creative:

By above suggestion, it means doing the creative activities while you can. To start with, you can do some doodling and painting. Psychologists suggest that painting is the best therapy to soothe your mind. You never know you might even become a great artist.

5. Learn Something New:

There is no age limit to, when to stop learning. Each day we are always learning something.  Take a temporary course of skill which you have never done before.  It will best to learn that skill which is highly demanded in job market for example web development, operating SPSS. Later on you can add these skills to CVs which will create a good impression.

6. Give Tutorials:

Almost everyone give tutorials about something in which they are expert at. If you posses some unique talent, why not give lessons about it. People are always eager to try something new. You can even do it online through YouTube and various other social media platforms.

7. Work On Yourself:

One cannot reach full potential if he is unaware of his faults or weaknesses. Sit down and make a list of areas where you find yourself lacking. For example, you find out that you lack in staying healthy and fit. Focus on eliminating it by making a timetable that when to exercise, which types of workouts to be carried out. All you need, is to be honest and critical about yourself when making that list and analyzing it.

8. Pay Attention To Your House:

There might be some repairing that your house needs and you happen to ignore it when you were busy with work. Now you have spare time, use this to look for damages that you might have overlooked. Take the responsibility of arranging material and making appointments with suitable maintaining staff.

9. Make Travel Plans With Your Friends:

Instead of lounging in couch, call your friends and discuss the travel plans. Decide with your friends, where you want to go, what adventures you want to try. By the end of trip, you will feel refreshed as you have spent quality time with your friends.

10. Watch TV Series:

TV series that are closely related to the reality are a good way of learning some valuable traits that are not taught in the classroom. For example, I used to watch House m.d, the English series where Hugh Laurie was staring as Dr. House. This certain character taught me that remaining calm is crucial to find solution to any problem. I would recommend watching those series where brainstorming and analytical skills are required like; Sherlock Holmes, house of cards.

11. Join Some Club:

It could be any club, book club, chess club, sports club etc. These clubs will keep you occupied with meetings and discussions. It’s a good opportunity to participate in these meetings as you will get a chance to share your opinions and make new friends.

12. Interact With Elderly People:

Yes, go out and have conversations with elders. It doesn’t have to be your family member; it could be your neighbor too. The point is that Elders have their past stories to share. Instead of ignoring, listen to these stories because there is wisdom in it which you cannot find anywhere. Take notes from their past experiences.

13. Gardening (Increase Productivity):

If you love nature and outside world, gardening is the fine way to kill time. Purchase seeds of your choice, if you want a rose garden, purchase material for it. Get yourself in taking care of garden by watering, cutting and trimming the grass and spraying the pesticides. All these tasks will keep you pretty busy.

14. Help Your Parents:

If you are unable to find distraction, ask your parents; most probably they will give you chores to do. At first you will hate it because frankly speaking, no likes to do chores. But look at it as a hidden blessing in disguise. Your boredom will be washed away. Provide assistance to them when needed. If they are going for grocery shopping, go and help them in doing it. Take responsibility.


Article by Born Realist