Impact of Footwear on Your Health

People like to wear fashionable shoes even if they are a little bit uncomfortable. Women especially are more likely to buy shoes that don’t fit properly. Most of the time, high heel sandal women cause blisters and other foot problems, but nobody pays much attention to it. The choice of what type of shoes you wear affects your health in a great manner. More than half of the women population wears shoes that cause pain as they are too small. Foot and ankle surgeons call painful wearing shoes a shoe-icide as the consequences of wearing them aren’t pretty.

Problems Related to Incorrect Footwear

Just like there are painful foot problems, there are also some quick solutions for them, like using comfortable insoles or changing to new shoes. However, if you think you have developed a condition, but don’t know what it is, then keep reading for more on conditions from wearing the wrong footwear and how they are caused.

  • Short Term Effects-

Wearing painful, ill-fitted shoes can cause issues in a matter of hours yet take several weeks to treat. 

  1. Blisters: Blisters are the most common consequence of ill-fitting shoes. These are caused due to constant friction. They are fluid-filled vesicles of dead skin that are extremely painful and take several weeks to heal. They also leave behind permanent scars and damage your skin. These are common during the summer season among athletes. 
  2. Corns: These are caused due to constant abrasion and damage because of a constricting shoe. These are callous-like bumps of skin that can develop on your toes or soles. If these are not treated, they can cause some serious long-term problems to the joints of your feet. Poorly fitting footwear is most likely to cause corns. Shoes for girls that are too loose or put pressure on a specific area are the major contenders to cause corns. 
  3. Athlete’s foot: Developing an athlete’s foot can make it extremely uncomfortable to walk. This fungal skin infection is caused due to poor ventilation and moist shoes. Avoid this painful condition by wearing waterproof, breathable shoes. This causes intense itching, inflammation, and flaking of the skin. You’re more likely to catch this condition while walking barefoot. Good foot hygiene is really important to avoid this infection. 
  4. Hammertoes: This deformity results in the bending of your toes. It is extremely painful and is caused due to the wrong footwear size. Your toes have to adapt to closed spaces of a tight shoe, and eventually, they readjust and bend out of shape like a hammer which causes discomfort and pain. 
  5. Bunions- Tight shoes hurt your bones and joints. In this situation, a bone-like bump forms at the base of the toe that causes your toe to turn inwards. These bumps become enlarged due to pressure or tightness inside your shoes. They are a very common foot ailment. 
  6. Ankle Pain: Uncomfortable shoes can result in you having extremely sore ankles. If you are wearing shoes that are too tight or loose or don’t provide enough support, like high heel sandals for women, you might set yourself up for severe foot or ankle pain. 

These issues are short-term and may go away after some weeks, but if left untreated, they can cause some serious damage. 

  • Long Term Effects-

You can cause long-term problems to your body by constantly wearing the wrong shoes.

  1. Joint Pain: Wearing ill-fitted shoes can cause constant pressure on the joints, which can lead to arthritis. Some footwear doesn’t provide ample cushioning or other shock-absorbing mechanisms for which your body has to compensate. Your knees act as shock absorbers instead of your shoes. That’s why you can develop pain in your knees.
  2. Back injuries: Your shoes affect more than just your feet. They support your back, your joints, etc. High heels sandals for women are most likely to cause back pain; hence, stick to low shoes whenever possible. 
  3. Nerve Damage: Many potential problems are caused by wearing improper footwear. Numbness or excessive tingling in your feet can be due to nerve damage. Tight or narrow shoes can result in permanent nerve damage. 

The list of problems caused by improper footwear is endless. Switch to lightweight, flexible, and breathable shoes to avoid any of the above-mentioned symptoms. 

How to Find the Right Shoes

There are several factors to consider while shopping for the perfect footwear-

  • The shoe you’re buying should be breathable and waterproof to maintain proper feet hygiene. This should help to prevent foot problems such as infections. 
  • Opt for lightweight and flexible shoes to take the load off your ankles and toes. You should be able to move your feet around freely. 
  • Don’t choose shoes that are too narrow in the front.
  • It is always better to opt for shoes that are a little loose than shoes that are too tight.
  • While trying out the shoes, make sure your toes don’t overlap each other, or your toes do not feel pinched or cramped.


Your footwear can affect several parts of your body. Poor footwear can result in injuries and fungal infections. Incorrect fitting shoes for girl can negatively impact your feet. Wearing ill-fitted shoes can exacerbate already existing problems even if you wore them for a short period. You can now visit various online stores, look for the perfect fit for yourself, and grab quality products at the best price.

Article by Born Realist