Hypercube: The Future Of Wireless Charging Stations


Our lives have become considerably easier with access to technology like smartphones, smart watches, tabs etc. The improvement in technology has been cutting all cords to give us the freedom of a wireless life. So it doesn’t really make sense to have to plug all those devices in using charger cables.

Looking for an electrical outlet is an inconvenience on its own but those charging wires can also “tie” you down which really just counters the point of owning smart devices and what good is a mobile phone if it is not really mobile.

Which is why wireless charging is the future of smart technology. With wireless phone charges or wireless charging pads we can completely cut out the hassle of wires and cables from our lives.

The Hypercube Wireless Charging Stations give us exactly what we need. It is one of the best wireless chargers in the market which provides us with qi charging stations along with a lot more functions and features.

The Features of HyperCube: Wireless Charging Station & Sleep Aid:

The hypecube is a not just a cordless charging station but a game changer in the world of wireless tech and devices.  

Firstly, it would be demeaning to call it a wireless cell phone charging station because it is so much more than that. It is a wireless charging station for all electronics and it comes with 13 additional smart features which makes it more unique than your average qi wireless chargers.


The Hypercuve has 3 qi charging stations which means that it can charge upto 3 devices at once. With the hyoercub you have the option for a wireless charging station for iphone or samsung (whatever your preference), for your smartwatch and any other electronic device, all at the same time.

That should be enough for anyone to be enticed to get a wireless cube but this wireless charging cable gives us so many more features to be awed by.

The hypercube also alternates as a wake up aid. The cube hypercube also has an alarm clock with cell phone charger that peacefully wakes you up by slowly increasing the sound and the light.




cube hypercube

Which brings us to the third feature ie. the LED light panel of this charging alarm clock. Hybercube also functions as a bedside lamp or a night light besides being an elegant and unique alarm clock and charging station. The best part is that you can change the sleeping cube’s light to any colour that resonates with your mood or a colour that can help you fall asleep naturally.

bedside charging station

Hypercube is considered a solo health station because of how it naturally and gradually wakes you up from slumber without disrupting your sleep cycle and puts you to sleep just as naturally with its LED light setting combined with its function of soothing sleeping sounds.

The features of The Hypercube wireless charging base are endless.

This bedside charging dock can be folded into a cube hypercube or laid down flat depending on the need and the space available on your bedside charging station.


There are several more features that make this indiegogo wireless charger a useful and convenient gadget to own. It has a touch control interface which makes this alarm clock cell phone charger easy to use and the Hypercube App provides more functionality a greater control to the charging clock.

The Hypercube wireless chargers have an immersive sound system that provides you with excellent sound quality. The experience only gets better when paired with its powerful bluetooth connection that allows you to watch your favourite videos with quality sound.

Although we have talked about its qi charging pad but it is definitely worth mentioning twice and emphasize on how powerful the hypercube power bank is. With 20,000mAh battery, it provides samsung fast charge rather its a wireless fast charger for any device.

The Uses of Hypercube Wireless Charging Stations:

The hypercub has given us a platform that can simultaneously work as samsung charging stations and iphone charging station wireless. Given its features, it’s safe to say that it is easily the best wireless charger currently in the market.

kickstarter charger

But its qi wireless charging is not its only use; for anyone who suffers from insomnia or has issues sleeping, hypecubes can become solo health stations which provide sleep aid along with an apple charging pad and/or a samsung charging pad. Hypercube’s wake up aid helps keep our sleep cycles synced with the natural light and time for maximum comfort.

With this iphone wireless charging station and samsung fast wireless charger, you can totally become independent of cords that might tie you down and not let them tangle your life anymore.


The hypercuve clock with phone charger combines a lot of necessary elements together in a portable little radio charging station with alarm clock. Which means that no matter where you go, your sleep schedule and your mood lighting will go with you and so will your wireless charging pad without occupying much space in your luggage. The convenience of the hypercube can help you declutter your bedside.

With the Gogotoro kickstarter charger you can have wireless power that can provide you with qi wireless charging iphone, samsung and also for your body.

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