How to Use Reddit for Content Marketing?

It is no secret that Reddit is one of those social media platforms that are excellent for content marketing. But only, if things are executed right. It is very easy to go wrong on Reddit, especially if you don’t understand it better. 

Reddit is slightly different from other social media, there are etiquettes you need to follow in order to grow.  Once you understand how to make things right here, the business you are promoting will get incredible feedback. 

Whatever, we came up with this guide for those who don’t know how to use Reddit for content marketing. Hence, if you are thinking about doing content marketing on Reddit, then don’t miss out on this guide. 

Roadmap to Effective Content Marketing on Reddit 

If you have never been into Reddit and now want to do content marketing there, the following steps will give you a good kickstart. The following are some basic tips that every wannabe marketer can use. 

  • Understand This Platform

Not every person has the patience level to understand Reddit properly. People are always in a rush. But you can do that if your goal is to do proper content marketing that will bring you money. Using Reddit is very easy, just like any other social media platform. 

But if you want to grow here, you need to follow some etiquettes which are also known as Redditiquettes. You can lose your entire account because of one silly mistake which you can dodge if you know the etiquette. 

Not only that, the users themselves are pretty protective regarding their communities. And they don’t like people taking help from the community only for personal wins. So if you want to be last on Reddit, you will have to give more than you take. Plus, consistency is also a crucial factor that one needs to follow. 

And that takes us to the second step! 

  • Always be Active 

You post something and then disappear for days, that’s not going to take you anywhere at least on platforms like Reddit, where regular interaction is the key. Try your best to be active every day, you don’t have to be there 24 hours a day, spend 30-60 minutes at least. 

Use the time to answer different questions, make attractive posts, vote, deny posts, and help people in the community with everything you know. Remember, the more you help, the faster you’ll grow. 

One common mistake that every new Reddit marketers make is, self-promoting from day 1. Do not do that, it makes you look self-centered, and users will see you as someone who came here only for personal gain. 

  • Share Unique Things

It is not like you will always be able to come up with unique content, it is hard and takes time. But try your best to publish unique content most of the time because users like freshness. And do not post things that the users can’t connect with. Write things that are simple and can be understood very easily. 

That’s not all! Apart from freshness, you will have to make sure the content or post you are sharing is something that users are interested in. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how unique your content is, you will not go anywhere. 

When you publish something unique, there will be users commenting queries, and you will have to actively reply to them. Do not answer without having complete understanding. Double-check the accuracy of what you are saying, that will make you reliable. 

And most importantly, you cannot share links on Reddit like other social media platforms. That being said, with a certain amount of Karma or Votes, you can share links in the posts and comments. 

To reach a wider range of users, you should start promoting the content right away. Initially, for engagement, you can buy Reddit subscribers, which can give an initial boost. 

  • Start Sharing on Subreddits

Name any topic, you will find a Subreddit of that on Reddit. From sports to cooking, there are different Subreddits where people are continuously sharing helpful information and interacting with each other.

Once you have settled in and understood how Reddit actually works, and what are the dos and don’ts, then you should start posting in Subreddits. Try to help people in your niche with whatever they need. 

  • Start Reddit Ads Campaign 

A test ads campaign on Reddit gives you a good idea about how actually your ads will perform. It is a must to do before you get down to it with a big budget. 

Once you see it working, then get started with full potential. When you are running an ads campaign it is very important that you target users that are in your niche rather than targeting everyone.

  • Don’t Be A Spammer 

Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit is highly moderated. And you need to be careful here, especially when you have a decent amount of followers or karma. Because one wrong move can have you banished. 

The goal of marketing is to make people attracted to your product and service and for that, you need to reach people in your niches. Those purchased subs are just numbers, you won’t be able to land a single sale from those.  

  • Continuously Go Through Reddit Ads 

If you want to come up with unique and attractive Reddit ad ideas, you better start exploring Reddit ads as much as possible. The more you explore, the more ideas you will be able to generate. 


Different people are always coming up with unique and actional Reddit content marketing ideas, and you need to keep yourself updated on a regular basis. You can’t stick to a bunch of old-school marketing tactics if you want to grow. 

And The key to success is smart work, consistency, and patience. It will take time, but if you keep things together, eventually you will reach your goal. 

With that said, time to wrap it up. Hope now you have at least a little idea about how to do content marketing on Reddit.

Article by Born Realist