How to Use Instagram to Benefit Your Ecommerce Business

Marketing on Instagram, especially for e-commerce businesses, is an amazing way to boost your exposure, increase revenue in your sales, and broaden your horizons to reach new audiences. Instagram is a great platform to start a social media marketing campaign since it deals with images and has a high rate of engagement. You’ll start seeing a difference in your audience and hopefully your sales if you use Instagram the right way for marketing. These six tips will help you understand what gets a benefit, and how to achieve it. 

  1. Customer Connection – An Instagram account is so much more personal than a website or online shop. It goes beyond what a simple “about us” page can do by giving in-the-moment glimpses into a real brand, with real people. People love this feeling of connection, and you’ll get the chance to catch them when they’re the most eager to find new things. Getting connected is easy! Link up your Instagram to your website, use hashtags, and interact with the comments you receive. 
  2. Buy real Instagram engagement – What looks better to a potential customer? A profile that gets an average of 5 likes per photo, or a profile that receives hundreds of likes with every new upload? It’s all about building trust and that initial sense of authenticity. Use services like Buzzoid to send more Instagram likes to your photos, as this will help build your trust which will later in turn allow you to convert your users into customers.
  3. Reuse resources – Since you’re already designing content for Instagram, reuse those intimate images and videos into other marketing campaigns, or even on the product pages themselves. Instagram is a great place to learn about your brand and your competitors. See what trends they’re following, and create a better submission and integrate it into your other ad campaigns.
  4. A testing platform – If you’re planning on reusing content, this one is especially helpful. You can see how people react to the things you post, measured in likes and comments. Paying attention to how people respond to your pictures and videos will show exactly what is popular and what the people are wanting. Listen to them! Before Instagram, it was extremely difficult to receive reliable feedback, so don’t take advantage of this. 
  5. User-generated pictures – I know that for me personally, and many of the people I know, one of the best selling points to help me make a buying decision is seeing actual customer photos and satisfaction. This type of reassurance goes a long way, and Instagrammers are always eager to start posting content. Create a branded hashtag to feature submissions from your followers using your merchandise, and feature these images on your website. By encouraging user-generated content to be posted, you’re giving potential customers a huge gallery of reassurance in your brand. 

Increase repeat shoppers – Repeat customers are what really makes a brand, and drives up a large percentage of sales. Loyal customers help give your brand a sense of community, and relationships with your customers can be a valuable thing that will appeal to a newer audience. Plus, repeat customers mean more sales, so you want this number to be high and growing! Instagram marketing helps create repeat customers, because you’ll show up frequently in their newsfeed, encouraging them to make a purchase and reminding them of how much they enjoyed their first product by shopping from official store here, which includes products from shirts, hoodies, necklaces, posters, etc.