How To Upgrade Your College Apartment

Your apartment is more than just the place where you sleep. It’s where you study in the long hours of night, satisfy your hunger and host parties with your friends. As a college student, it is your home.

However, most college apartments don’t look very homey. They may look older, have less space and bland colors. However, this doesn’t have to stop you from making a few renovations for the year. You’ll be spending a considerable time in your apartment during your school year, so you should make it as comfortable as possible. If you want to update the apartment, give it a special feel and show it off to your friends, here are few of the best tips and tricks.

Add Audio

Do you want people to know where to find the best parties? Consider getting home audio Nashville. Although you may have a few limitations on what you can install, you can get high-quality speakers and a sound system for your living room. With home audio, it feels more like a movie theater than an old college apartment.

If you enjoy video games and watching movies, this is a great way to boost your experience. With careful selection, the audio you choose can improve the appeal of the apartment. Friends will want to come to your apartment for movie nights.

Be sure to consult with the apartment administration to check which type of speakers you can use inside your apartment. Loud equipment may cause disturbances to your neighbors, so it’s best to know the policies before you purchase your sound system.

Decorate with Style

Some apartments are filled with movie posters, old furniture and cheap decorations. If you want your apartment to feel nicer and more mature, decorate with a designer’s perspective. Think about the decorations you have now: are they attractive and do they match with the rest of the room?

For wall hangings, try to frame everything you can. An added frame adds a bit of prestige, and it makes it worth keeping your favorite movie posters. Try to balance your wall hangings with the other things in the room and keep color in mind. Add some books to your coffee table and add a few plants, too.

If you’re looking for an extra measure of comfort, try layering with a rug. Rugs can transform a dingy area into somewhere where people like to gather. If you have some old looking windows, add attractive curtains too. If your goal is to block out the sunlight, pick thick curtains. On the other hand, if you wish to maximize the natural light coming into your room, select ones that are sheer and thin.

Besides your living space, you shouldn’t forget to upgrade your bedroom. You may decorate your bed with printed sheets and a good-quality water pillow to make it look nicer. It will complete your college apartment’s look and allow you to feel more relaxed every time you go home.   

Improve Lighting

Perhaps all you need to improve your college apartment is to adjust the lighting. If you want a comfortable living room area where your friends can hang out, you probably don’t want to use the old ceiling light fixture all the time. Get a few carefully placed lamps that give the right color and glow you are looking for. If you’re allowed to change the bulbs installed in your ceiling, you may also install new light fixtures to enlighten your space.

Even if your roommates don’t agree with your lighting ideas, you can update your bedroom. Consider adding fairy lights or lanterns to develop the ambiance. These types of illumination usually come with an adjustable switch so you can change the lighting depending on your preferences and the time of day. And, if you don’t enjoy waking up early in the dark, set a timer on the lights in your room. You can wake up to a soft glow, which can instantly improve your mood about going to campus.

There are many ways you can improve, update and upgrade your college apartment. Before starting, determine what you want to accomplish. Do you want more comfort, style or spark? You should also consider how much you’re willing to spend to upgrade your space. If you’re on a budget, look for simple accessories that are affordable but can significantly elevate your space. Depending on your needs, you can get the right furniture and decorations to create the desired feel. Any college apartment can feel like home when you put a little work in it.