Runny Nose: How To Get Rid of it in the Changing Weather

runny nose

How to get rid of a Runny Nose? Changing weather, viral, allergies or infections?

runny nose


You’ve been hit with the worst as all or any of this pave your way to a runny nose. Other, much more sophisticated, terms used to refer to a runny nose are ‘rhinitis and ‘rhinorrhea’.

Wondering how to stop a runny nose?

Or have you come here wondering which runny nose medicine is the best? Well, we’ll teach you how to get rid of a runny nose and soon your running nose won’t be running any longer!

A runny nose is possibly the second most irritating form of routine sickness (the first is without a doubt – headache). It does not only affect the plans you have for the weekend but your daily routine.

Runny Nose

Basically, getting out of the bed is the greatest amount of work that you can get to, let alone doing absolutely anything else. 

Usually, in this weather people suffer from constant runny nose and look around for the best medicine for runny nose, forgetting that the best runny nose remedy can be found in your own home.

However, if your looking for the answer to the question, how to stop a runny nose instantly. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a best medicine to dry up runny nose, however, several things come close. And so, we’ve decided to help you out!

This makes us all wonder, what is basically happening to our body when we have a runny nose and why do we keep sneezing and have a runny nose?

The nasal and adjacent tissues and blood vessels in our nose produce excess drainage. To elaborate further, you can think the drainage as watery nasal secretions. Now this drainage may lie between anything from a clear fluid to thick mucus. This excess drainage is what runs out of your nose.

Also, the drainage that you feel running down the back of your throat (postnasal drip) is the same thing. Along with that, the package brings you nasal congestion too – though it isn’t always part of the deal.

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How to Get Rid of a Runny Nose

While we’re on the topic, you should know that rhinitis and rhinorrhea isn’t the same thing. The inflammation of the nasal tissues causing a runny nose is rhinitis; whereas, a relatively clear and thin nasal discharge is rhinorrhea.

You’re reading this article which states the obvious that your body has currently given into a case of the sniffles. So, you may be on the internet looking for ‘how to get rid of a runny nose fast’.

Let me tell you that you’ve just got to the right place for finding runny nose relief. Allow us to walk you through the whole process of runny nose cure.

Wondering how to stop runny nose? Well, you’ll be able to stop runny nose and we will be recommending you the best cold medicine for runny nose as well.

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Runny Nose Causes

How to Get Rid of a Runny Nose

To understand the solution of a problem, you first have to understand what caused the problem in the first place: in this case what causes a runny nose. A runny nose starts to exist when the tissues lining your nose become swollen.

Inflamed blood vessels are what cause this swelling.

The coughing or a sore throat that comes with a runny nose is caused by the excess flow of mucus down the back of your throat.

For those of you wondering how to stop nose from running or how to stop a running nose, you should know what causes a runny nose.

Three main causes of a stuffy or a runny nose may be identified as:

  1.         Common cold
  2.         Flu
  3.         Sinus infection

The main causes of congestion may be identified as:

  1.         Hay fever or other allergies
  2.         Use of some nasal sprays or drops bought without a prescription
  3.         Nasal polyps, sac-like growths of inflamed tissue lining the nose or sinuses
  4.         Pregnancy
  5.         Vasomotor rhinitis

However, usually a runny nose is nothing to worry about, if you’ve been wondering why is my nose running like water when i bend over, you’ve probably just caught a bad bug. However, most of the time, nose leaking like water usually dry up after a week. 

Though, if you start feeling like you have other symptoms that aren’t simply contained to a runny nose and sneezing and if you feel like you have a chronic runny nose, you need to consult a doctor.

While the congestion takes like about a week to go away, a runny nose may take quite a while. So, needless to say, it’s important to know how to cope with a runny nose and sneezing. It’s easier than you think.

Tips for coping with a Runny Nose (How to stop your nose from running):

How to Get Rid of a Runny Nose

Following are some straightforward tips that can make the entire experience of dealing with a runny nose a lot less unpleasant. Here’s all you have to do and what you have to take for a runny nose and to manage a runny nose.

1. Wooden box of tissues (Clear Runny Nose with Home Remedies for Runny Nose)

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

This part’s easy. Keep a box of tissues with you at all times.

And if you can’t keep an entire box, at least have a packet of wipes with you.

A runny nose makes the skin around your nose really raw because you have to continually wipe it, which is why soft and moisturizing tissues can help you deal with the pain, can soothe raw skin and may prevent further irritation. You can also use essential oil infused tissues.

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2. Effective remedies (Home remedy for runny nose)

It’s stupid to ignore the necessity of sleeping peacefully as it is highly essential for our overall health as well as emotional wellbeing.

The need intensifies when we’re dealing with a runny nose which is why sleep is crucial.

Resting well also gives you a break from all the distress of blowing your nose every 30 secs.

This is why it is advised to use the most effective remedies right before bed as the most effective treatments may work their magic and may allow you to sleep peacefully ensuring a restful night.

 a. Relax

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

A huge amount of focus should be on relaxation till you’re completely done with a nose running constantly clear mucus. So, ditch all your plans, and delay all work deadlines. You need to stay home and focus on recovery for which relaxation is very important. Grab healthy snacks (like soups, milkshake etc.), make yourself a nice, warm and cozy bed and Netflix and chill.

3. Runny Nose Treatment (Home remedies for running nose and sneezing)

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

Once you’ve nailed the ‘dealing with it’ part, you’re ready to finally jump right into the runny nose treatment phase of it all.

The kind of troubled and set routines people have nowadays, we don’t have time to get sick. This is why you’re probably here looking for answers to how to stop a runny nose instantly. Especially student life starts to suck if we’re sick. So it’s important to know how to stop a runny nose immediately, so you don’t miss a class. This is why we bring you methods that can answer the question of how to get rid of a runny nose overnight.

Here we go.

The very first step to treatment is using the right runny nose medicine. There are two types of meds that come under this category: OTC meds and antihistamines.

5. OTC meds (Best medicine to dry up runny nose)

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

A runny nose cannot be characterized as a medical emergency. This is why over-the-counter medicines or OTC meds are the first go-to. These meds don’t necessarily cure your cold, but they make you feel better. This helps you ease with the symptoms and deal with the time your body requires running its course and recovering on its own.

The first OTC med that comes to mind is Vicks. Vicks doesn’t cure a runny nose, but it helps you survive the process so that the nose can clear up on its own. Another OTC med is NyQuil SEVERE, which is a type of cold medicine (possibly the best medicine to dry up a runny nose) that dries your nasal passages and relieves your runny nose.

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You can also try Nyquil Cold & Flu (best cold medicine for a runny nose) that also dries up your runny nose while soothing your sore throat. On the other hand, you can try using a saline spray or drops. This runny nose and sneezing medicines can make breathing a whole lot easier by soothing the mucous membranes inside your nose to stop a runny nose

6. Antihistamines (antihistamine for runny nose)

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

In case OTC meds don’t work out for you, know that it’s time to go see a doctor. You should know that your body makes chemicals called histamines when you have a cold.

This is what leads you to a runny nose, congestion and watery eyes.

So, if OTC medicines aren’t working, things have gotten out of hand. Your runny nose is possibly a symptom of certain chronic or acute conditions such as rhinitis, rhinorrhea, allergies or a sinus infection.

Visiting the doctor may be a good idea as he may recommend you the best antihistamines for runny noses such as chlorpheniramine and diphenhydramine. While getting your medicines, consider their side effects too. Side effects of these antihistamines may include: drowsiness, drying out of eyes, nose, and mouth.

7. Try Home Remedies for Running Nose and Sneezing (For nose constantly running clear mucus)

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

But wait, there’s more!

We know that one does not always want to visit a doctor for illnesses like a runny nose unless it’s chronic runny nose treatment. Most of us like to think that we can deal with this easily at home, which brings us to natural home remedies.

A number of options come under this category to help you deal with nose running like water when you bend over, and if you prefer natural home remedies too, then check out the following home treatments and runny nose remedies. Hopefully, these may work out for you and help you get rid of a constant runny nose.

8. Drink plenty of fluids (how to stop a runny nose from allergies)

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

Staying hydrated and drinking fluids are the key to healing a runny nose quickly. It can be majorly effective if you have symptoms of nasal congestion. The liquids may help ensure that it is easier for you to expel the mucus in your sinuses by turning it from a thick, sticky congestion to a runny consistency.

Sipping a lot of water can help.

Drinking hot tea, milk or chicken broth can also have a really soothing effect because of its warmth.

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

The heat and steam can open up your congested airways. Mild decongestants like certain herbal teas that contain an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory herbs like ginger, nettle, mint or chamomile can prove to be really beneficial. The effect of hot drinks on the condition may be majorly psychological, but there’s an amount of physical reaction to it too. They stimulate a nerve linked to oral and nasal cavities allowing us a major amount of relief.

Make sure that you avoid beverages that play more of a dehydrating factor like coffee, fizzy drinks and other alcoholic beverages.

9. Apply a warm compress (runny nose relief and Runny nose Cure)

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

Try moistening a washcloth with warm and applying it over your nose and forehead. This may help relieve sinus pressure and congestion which can help you stop your runny nose and can be an answer to how to stop a runny nose and watery eyes fast.

10. Facial steam (how to make your nose stop running)

To treat constant sneezing and runny nose, inhaling hot steam can play a vital role.

It can reduce the recovery time by soothing the mucous membranes lining the nose.

How to do it?

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

Put water in a clean pot and heat it on your stove just enough to create a good amount of steam (do not boil the water).

Now place the pot on a table mat and place your face above the steam for 20 – 30 minutes. You can cover your head with a towel while doing that so that the steam doesn’t escape but gets right to your face.

Take a lot of deep breaths, but don’t forget to take breaks if your face gets really hot.

You can also add a few drops of decongestant essential oils (like eucalyptus, peppermint, pine, rosemary, sage, spearmint, tea tree (melaleuca), and thyme oils) to the water for an even better effect. If the herbs aren’t available in oil form, you can use the dried form too – it can be equally effective.

Once the steam session is over, blow your nose well to get rid of the mucus (a constant runny nose clear liquid).

9. Hot shower (stuffy runny nose)

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

A hot shower can provide you quick relief too. While it is a source of steam, it can also relax your body and soothe you.

10. Use a humidifier (what causes a runny nose)

A humidifier can add moisture back into your environment and can keep your nasal passages moist so that the mucus drains faster and you can rid yourself of a runny nose ASAP.

11. Neti pot

Using a neti pot for nasal irrigation (also called nasal lavage) is a common approach to sinus issues. This includes runny nose problems and discomfort.

Neti pots are small teapot-like containers with a spout. You add a warm saline or saltwater solution to the pot. You then use the pot to pour the solution through one nostril and out the other. This rinses out your sinuses quite thoroughly.

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

Purchase a neti pot kit at your local pharmacy, store, or on Amazon. Make sure to follow directions for your neti pot exactly.

Improper use of neti pots can, though rarely, make runny noses worse or cause sinus infections.

Make sure to use sterile and distilled water rather than tap water.

Add decongestant essential oils like the ones mentioned earlier to your saline solution for added benefits, if desired (only add two to three drops per pot).

Neti pots (my nose won’t stop running)

A device used to flush out nose and sinuses is a neti pot which is shaped like a small teapot. You have to pour water from the pot into one nostril while leaning over the sink and tilting your head sideways. The water will then be released from the other nostril. Once complete, repeat the process with the other nostril. The concept of a neti pot may seem quite strange and complicated, but it has proven to be quite effective for a number of individuals.

12. Eating spicy foods (dripping nose)

Initially, spicy foods can worsen your runny nose.

However, later it may turn out to be really fruitful. If you can tolerate a good amount of spice like cayenne pepper, ghost pepper, habanero, wasabi, horseradish, or ginger, try this method.

Eating spices can heat and dilate the passageways in the body which can in turn help relieve sinus issues. This is a fun cure for something as irritating as a runny nose.

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

Capsaicin (a chemical that makes chili peppers spicy) comes into this natural treatment too. Many chili nasal sprays include capsaicin that can help treat nerve pain and psoriasis as well as help with a runny nose and congestion.

This can numb the irritation followed by a long-lasting period of numbing your symptoms of a runny nose. It is proven to be more effective than the over-the-counter medication budesonide.

You should not try to make this spray at home using chili powder, but order the tested brand available online or buy one from your local superstore.

In Conclusion (my nose won’t stop running):

How to get Rid of a Runny Nose

To sum up, there are many home remedies you can try to get relief from a runny nose without using actual medication or consulting a doctor.

However, know that these forms of natural remedies are only designed to help you deal with the condition and not cure it completely.

Moreover, the runny nose can always have a greater and much more serious underlying cause such as an allergy, viral infection or cold, which is why ignoring the effect for a long time can really cause up to a huge problem.

That’s because how to stop a runny nose from allergies cannot be solved by home remedies.

So, don’t forget to go for direct treatment if these don’t work out.

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