How to Start Tackling Your Long-Term Ambitions Today

Everyone has their own idea of what they want their future to look like. They might have practical steps about how they’re going to get there, but equally, it might just be a distant hypothetical. However, as life goes on, it can be normal for this distant image to stay distant, with even the practical steps you might once have planned not feeling as manageable as they once did. This is all very disheartening, but it isn’t inevitable.

As much as it might not feel like it, you can begin to make progress on these ambitions right now. The first step that you take could be today, even it’s just a small one in the right direction.


Sometimes, it’s about finding the right attitude. It’s easy to feel like you’re not at the stage of your life you want to be when you’re in a more slow-paced mentality, but picking up the pace can sometimes have you thinking more proactively. Cleaning your home is a good example of this, and this is something that can have the added benefit of providing you with a more mentally healthy home environment as well as the opportunity to make money. If your goals are financially orientated, you could think about selling the belongings that you no longer use through online retailers and shipping services that offer a shipping free quote, achieving two goals done in one.

Exercise for the First Time

It might not be the first time ever, but it could be the first time of your new commitment to exercise. It’s a common ambition for many people who are looking to have feel better about themselves and be generally happier in a day-to-day situation. 

The difficulty can be the hurdle of the exercise itself. Gyms are great spaces for getting more physically healthy, but they’re also expensive and can be daunting for people who are in a relatively newcomer position. In this case, you might think about running, swimming, or cycling—all of which can be enjoyable while also being healthy. Alternatively, home workout tools like weights or a yoga mat can encourage you to do more at home.

Identify a Way Forward

Your step of the day could be to simply plan more practical steps. This might sound like a cop-out, a way of deferring the real work until the next day, but it’s more about creating a plan that you can then follow.

What are you going to do tomorrow? How is that going to affect what you do the day after? Working forward on it this way might not even be the most helpful way to think about it. For example, if you identify a line of work or a career that you aspire to get into, you can seek out information about the qualifications or experience that you need, figure out how you’re going to get those, and then keep working up the ladder until you arrive at that all important first step.

Article by Born Realist