How to Ship Your Car With Montway Auto Transport

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The process is simple with Montway Auto Transport. Thanks to their superior transparency, you can’t help but feel comfortable using the company to ship your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a car from another location and having it brought to you or if you’re sending your vehicle across the country. Here’s how to do either one.

Getting the Quote

To get started, you can go online and get a quote directly from the website. It only takes a few seconds of your time to get a quote back to you. If you’d rather talk to someone, you can call Montway to get your quote. You’ll also have the option for an open or an enclosed carrier, so you’ll need to take that into account as well.

Once you have your quote, you can compare the rate to the rate of other companies to see the differences between different providers. The company makes itself available to its customers by phone and its website.

When you request your quote, you’ll need your make, model, mileage, condition of your car, and whether it is operable or inoperable. Operable vehicles will cost less to transport, while inoperable cars cost more due to the extra needed equipment. To get a feel for what type of experience you’ll have, take some time to read up on Montway Auto Transport reviews and see what other people have to say.

Preparing Your Car

Getting the quote is just the first step in getting ready to ship your car with Montway. Once you’ve decided and accepted the quote, the next thing you need to be ready for is to clean your vehicle. You might think that’s pretty obvious. Not only do you need to clean it out on the inside, but you also need to give your car a thorough washing, too.

The detailing inside and out is because you need to know if there are any pre-existing scratches, dents, chips, or discolored areas. Inspect the inside of your car to look for these issues, followed by doing the same on the outside. If you come across any problems, make sure you take pictures of everything for your records. Clean your car as close to your pick-up date as possible so you won’t need to do it again. As a tip, take a picture of the mileage at drop-off so you’ll have it to reference

Securing Loose Parts and Removing Valuables

As you complete your inspection, look for loose parts. Sometimes, with everyday driving, things can become loose, like the antenna or mirrors. You’ll want to secure those items before you load your car so your car won’t suffer any unnecessary damages. Any custom gear like spoilers should also be removed and packed safely into your trunk so as not to damage or lose them while your car is being transported. You’ll also want to disable your alarm if you have one so it doesn’t go off while on the carrier.

There will also be plenty of people with access to your car while it is in transport, beginning when your car gets loaded onto its carrier. Most people don’t walk in planning to take something, but every once in a while, when it’s a moment of convenience, someone steals. While Montway works diligently to make sure that your car is safe while in their care, unfortunately, things still can walk away. To prevent theft, remove any custom add-ons, toll tags, and parking passes.

Other Important Information Montway Needs to Know

If your car doesn’t run, Montway needs to know that before they pick it up. Don’t think that you can get away with a lower rate by not telling them the truth about your car. If you do, they have the right not to take your vehicle because they aren’t prepared to move it.

You’ll also need to let the driver know if your car currently has any other issues like leaks. Suppose the driver doesn’t take the proper precautions. Lack of information could result in damage to other vehicles on the carrier.

The last bit of information you need to be aware of is making sure all fluids are topped off. You also don’t want more than a quarter tank of gas. Make sure your battery is fully charged and that your tires are inflated, too.

A Few Final Thoughts

Shipping your car with Montway is pretty straightforward. Start with a quote, compare rates, and read reviews. Once you’re ready, prepare your vehicle for shipping. Remember to secure any loose parts and to remove all of your valuables. Don’t hold anything back from Montway. Be upfront and honest about the condition of your car, and prep everything according to company shipping requirements.

Article by Born Realist