How to Prevent Hair Color Change

Keeping your colored hair looking vibrant and beautiful is a real struggle. Over time, most women who dye their hair see its life and gloss fade away and that’s a real bummer!

I mean, what’s the point of getting your hair treated if its just going to lose all its luster in a few weeks?

Thankfully, the Born Realist team has been hard at work trying to figure out why this happens, but most importantly how to prevent it!

We’ve decided on a few full proof ways to keep your hair lively without using hair toners. 

1) Have your hairdresser use only Quality Products and Dye in your hair:

Getting your hair dyed can be an expensive procedure! Hence, most women prefer hair stylists who offer cheap discounts.

However, the cut-down prices these parlors offer are usually because they use inexpensive products which, are not just harmful to your hair color, but lead it to lose its luster faster then it should.

Make sure to use a high-quality product in your hair, it’ll keep your hair looking pretty! 

2) Red hair dye will fade the fastest:


Red hair dye has the largest molecules and hence, it is harder for the dye to dissipate into your hair. This is why it gets washed away faster.

While getting a red hair treatment, make sure to use high-quality products and give it a heavier hue then you need so it settles into the color you want over a few weeks and lasts longer. 

3) Hold back on the Shampooing:

Don’t shampoo your colored hair every day. In fact, it is recommended that you should only shampoo thrice every week. Pick alternative days and be gentle as you wash your hair. Make sure to use color-friendly hair shampoo.

This will help maintain the oils that keep your hair looking glossy and will help retain the color.

4) Hold back on Shampooing for at-least 48 hours after you color/toner your hair:

After you color your hair, don’t wash it for a minimum of 2 days.  This will allow the dye to soak into your hair and will enable it to last longer. This is actually good when it comes to getting your hair trimmed according to new trends.

5) When you aren’t Shampooing, keep your hair:

Make sure you wear a hair net in the shower. This will allow the color to last longer. The water that goes through your hair allows the molecules of dye to detach from your hair and fall away. Keeping them dry as long as possible will make the color last a lot longer.

P.s This one is actually a much better solution than using any kind of hair toners.

6) Don’t shower with extremely hot water:

Turn down the temperature of your shower when you wash your hair. The hot water will wash away the color from your treated hair faster. This is because hot water makes it easy for the molecules of the dye adhering to your hair to slip away from your hair, this results in the lack of luster you experience in a few weeks time.

7) Always use Color Friendly Conditioner:

Never skip your color friendly conditioner when you shampoo, and if you can, try using your conditioner only during your showers from time to time.

Keeping your hair moisturized is an important part of keeping the color you’ve come out the parlor with.

Not to mention, color friendly conditioners contain special chemicals that allow the color to last longer than it initially would have without the conditioner.

8) Use Sulfates free shampoo or a good hair toner:

Sulfates are a big no for colored hair. The sulfates in shampoos are usually responsible for the bleached and lifeless look that people experience a few weeks after getting their hair dyed.

You can avoid this by making sure you use the most color friendly shampoo you can find. Try to use conditioner and shampoos that are recommended by your hair stylist. They have more experience then you do!

9) Try a hot oil treatment at home:

Hot oil treatments, that involve leaving on hot oils help in keeping the sheen that most people want in their hair, last longer.

Hair oil treatments also take care of hair after the intense and rigorous treatments that it has to go through after the dye.

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