How To Make The Most Of Your Time During Quarantine

COVID-19 truly reshaped the ways of the world.                 Metropolitans became ghost-towns, healthcare systems overwhelmed, and a lot of tragedies. But if you haven’t been infected by the virus, you at least have been affected by the quarantine.

Being locked-out and isolated was not how we expected to be spending the summer this year. To be fair, every one of us has at least once wished to do nothing but be at home, locked out. But not like this, we weren’t prepared, the only idea of isolation we had was Will Smith in I Am Legend!

What we got in return was a shortage of toilet papers!

On the bright side, there has been a lot of time this year for self-evaluation. 2023 is without a doubt the most random and scary year we’ve seen. But not without humor and some positives!

If you’ve seen an Indian guy build a swimming pool out of clay somewhere during quarantine, chances are you’re more bored and fed up than you think. So here are a few fun ways to make the most of your time during the quarantine.

Give Yourself A Break

Giving yourself a break is what should top the list of suggestions. You’ve been working tirelessly for as long as you can think back to. So this time of national isolation calls out for a break if nothing else.

Find a way to hit the pause button for your anxiety and stress, and drown in your couch until your back hurts! Who knows when we might get a break like this?

Taking a timeout from a busy work-life is very beneficial for mental and physical health. Now that this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so, I’d say don’t let it go!

On a side note, not all of us can afford to take a break in quarantine, which makes it a high time to stand together. We have to fight the pandemic together, so helping others where you can, should also be on the top of your priority lists!

Find The Balance Between WFH and Life

As enjoyable, comfortable, and stress-free working from home may appear, there seem to be endless working hours. Since the entire work environment has shifted online, there is no upright definition of working hours. And this has taken the best of us in most cases.

Work-from-home can become much more overwhelming than the office, where you at least had defined hours of work.

What you need to do is plan out your day. Estimate how much time your work should take you and try getting through it one go. One of the reasons why work never seems to end is because you keep on getting distracted and procrastinate.

Make up a plan, and try working in the mornings. This should leave a major chunk of the day free for you to find other things to do.

Have A Designated Work-Space

As tempting as it may look, you cannot work from the couch every day and expect to be energized. Search through the internet for some home workspace furniture (it has massive discounts) and have one shipped right away.

When you designate a space for work alone, you will find it easier to concentrate and remain focused.

This happens because you move away from the distractions and make an office-like feel at home. Or maybe tricking your brain into thinking it is the office. But either way, you will easily get the productivity that you are after.

Find Ways Of Working Out

You’ve probably gone through and through many workout programs on YouTube but never lifted as much as a finger. I certainly am not talking about lifting your sofas or some other random stuff that you find over the social media, but do something.

The most common issue faced by everyone during quarantine is a lack of activity. And its return causes random body-aches, lack of energy, poor sleep, and an unhealthy diet.

You keep all of the above in check when following a workout routine. There are numerous ways of finding yourself a good exercise plan at home. You can either buy an online course or just stick to the basic exercises of pushups, pull-ups, crunches, etc.

Working out daily will keep you in good shape physically. Also, it helps you to relieve stress and anxiety. It has been found from studies how the dopamine and serotonin produced by your brain during a workout improve your mood and overall mental health.

Eat Better

I know how hard this sounds!

“Being locked out at home with nothing to do all day, and now you can’t even eat what you like? No thanks, I’m out!”

Eating better doesn’t necessarily mean to munch on Celery or having cabbage as a meal. But to keep your diet rather in check.

Overeating and putting on extra weight are the two loudest cries of quarantine. Making sure to stay hydrated and consuming as many liquids as you can to help you stay healthy. As we know about the pandemic, staying hydrated helps to curb away from the virus.

The best way to keep yourself hydrated is by drinking tea, better if green. To put the cherry on top, you can add a drop of wax to your tea for relaxing yourself!

Don’t skip meals!

Plus, if you’ve been having a fancy steak or cheese-dripping pizza on your to-do list for some time, now is the time test it out. It is most probably a discount!

Rediscover A Hobby

How long have you been waiting to read a book that you can’t get your mind off or learn a new song on your guitar? Too long!

If it’s been a long time since you played, then why not sign up for some lessons and improve those rusty jamming skills? There are loads of sites offering online guitar courses now, so you have no excuses to be slacking off.

Quarantine is probably the best time to rediscover such old talents and hobbies. It is always refreshing to do something for yourself, and what could be better than a hobby?

Spending your time doing what you love will keep you from getting bored at home. And it will also build up your confidence as you keep on getting better at it.

Plus, I always tell people how there is no certain definition of a hobby. Watching movies is as good a hobby as reading books, arguing one is better than the other is pointless.

So if you have to binge-watch a show on Netflix or want to run a Scorsese marathon, go for it!


I say this quite a lot, and because of good reason. Partly, because I’ve newly discovered the amazing practice of mindfulness myself. And partly, because I actually see it making a difference in my life.

There is no shortage of guided meditation and beginner techniques over the internet. You can pick a free one or buy a paid session that you like.

But once you get the sweet taste of mindfulness and meditation, there really is no going back. It brings back the calmness into your life. You get to have a much stronger concentration and attention span.

And among other things, it helps you get in the driving seat of your life. The creations of new neural pathways allow you to better assess situations and thoughts. Which in turn helps fight feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety.