How to Develop a Trucking and Logistics App

Logistics is one of the significant parts of every business. Most of the companies have to spend a lot of money on transportation. Transportation and logistics need to acquire raw material and distribute the finished goods.

At times it becomes challenging to keep track of it. Even as a small error can cause huge losses, because of this, most of the companies use third-party logistics app.

But nowadays, huge multinational companies are using digital logistics systems. They develop their own logistics app to keep track of transportation and delivery.

So, in this article, we will dive deep into the trucking and logistics app development.

Trucking and Logistics App Development:

Here, we will show you how to develop a Driver’s app to track the trucking and logistics along with Admin Panel Feature.

  • Sign up:

Here, the drivers can sign up to get their daily tasks. The managers can identify the drivers and assign them work.

  • Driver’s Profile:

A driver profile will be created for each driver who will include name, date of birth, license number, and photo. The admin can access the driver’s profile.

  • Shipment Details:

Here, the driver will be able to check the shipment details. All the newly allocated orders will be updated here. It will include the order along with pickup and drop location. Additional information like total distance, description of the cargo, recipient’s info, payment info, and map button will be given to the drivers.

  • Map Screen & Route Navigation:

This feature will help the driver to navigate. They can use the map and follow the route to reach the destination. The managers can track the driver as well.

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery:

The driver can use the app to generate proof of delivery. Methods like taking a photo, digital signature, or scanning the barcode can be used.

  • Communication Tools:

The driver can use the communication tools to communicate with a different party. They can directly contact the managers via the chat system or call button.

  • Push Notifications:

This feature will help the driver to get notifications about a new order, changes in the order, and new messages.

These are all the features that drivers can use. Now we will show you the admin panel feature which the managers can use.

Admin Panel Features:

It will include all the features that admin and managers can use to manage the administration and staff. It includes all these features.

  • Sign up:

It is the same as the driver’s sign up but for managers instead.

  • Dashboard:

It will be the home screen of the app. Here the managers can check the current status of the shipment, time, complaints, revenue, etc.

  • Orders Management:

This feature will help the managers to manage the order and allocate proper order to save time and money.

  • Driver & freight Tracking:

They can track each driver and freight using this feature.

  • Fleet Management:

It will help the managers to stay updated on the current vehicles.

  • Driver Management:

The managers can check all the driver details here. They can check their performance as well.

  • Revenue & Expense Management:

Managers can track revenue and expenditure. It is done with the help of an AI.

  • Push Notifications:

This feature will provide notifications to managers.

These are all the essential features needed in a trucking and logistic app. You can approach any app development company to develop this app for your company.