How to declutter your bedroom for better sleep

Having a messy and cluttered bedroom can send your anxiety through the roof and reduce your quality of sleep. Your bedroom should be a calm and relaxed space that encourages you to fall asleep without thinking about what’s on your to-do list for tomorrow.

In fact, decluttering your room can help you feel refreshed and happier, according to recent research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

Here are a few ways to make your bedroom better for your sleep.

Tidy clothes away

For the most part, clothing often clutters our bedrooms. When we are getting dressed for the day in a rush, clothes can go flying and end up all over the bedroom floor. Before you head to work in the morning, try to make sure your bedroom is tidy for when you come home. You are much more likely to tidy in the morning than after a stressful day at the office.

Take a hard look at your wardrobe and decide whether you need all of your clothes. Maybe you could store all your winter clothes in vacuum bags in the attic if you are currently living in hot weather conditions. Or you could go through your work clothes and remove any that are ill-fitting, worn or damaged. Donate the clothes you don’t want to a charity or recycle them to put the fabric to good use.


Sometimes clutter can build up because you don’t have enough storage in the bedroom. Consider getting a sliding wardrobe installed in your bedroom to store all your clothing and keep the floor clear. A practical storage system can help you keep on top of organising and storing clothing daily. You could also look into under the bed storage for suitcases, winter clothes, and occasion wear that you don’t reach for as much. Just make sure to organise the items under your bed, so it doesn’t become a dumping ground.


Clutter can also come in the form of technology and devices that emit lots of sound, light, and scents at night. Put your phone and laptop away when you are heading to bed and store them on your bedside table if you need them nearby. The blue light from technology can make it harder for you to sleep and interrupt your sleeping pattern. Try reading before bed instead of watching TV or scrolling through Instagram.


A dark room can feel claustrophobia, cluttered and smaller. Choose natural colours for your room to open up the space and make you feel more relaxed. The walls should be streamlined too, so only keep a few paintings or posters that you absolutely love. Of course, the level of decoration in your bedroom depends on the size of the space.

Make your bedroom a place you look forward to being in at the end of a long day

Article by Born Realist