How to Communicate Better with Your Staff with Online Tools

Communication is important in any relationship. It’s an old saying and overused, but it’s overused because, ironically, not enough people are listening. You can avoid a lot of problems with good communication, especially when it comes to communications between you and your staff. Due to a simple difference in power, it might be hard for employees to speak truthfully, which is why it is important for you to foster good communication with your employees. 

There is a lot of work that goes into that, but there are ways you can make communication a little easier, with various tweaks to everyday problems. There are loads of new platforms and software hitting the market, with communication a major feature of them. Take a look at the best ones we’ve chosen that you can implement into your business. 


Benefits are an important asset in finding and keeping a good workforce. They are attractive to employees who might need them and will invoke company loyalty once they are onboarded. And then there are bonuses, which offer a great incentive to promote company loyalty and more productive work by rewarding good work done in the past. 

Zest Benefits can allow you the opportunity to communicate with your employees about their benefits and bonuses. Their all-in-one platform allows you to manage benefits and bonuses from all the one place. Plus, it can be used on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so that your employees on the other end with the app installed can be updated on any changes, and you can even congratulate them personally with the installed chat features. 

LinkedIn Learning

Training is usually quite a solitary experience. An employee looking for more skills might ask for some extra training to expand their skillset, but it rarely is a collective effort. 

Remote learning has changed that. Businesses are signing their entire team up for a course, giving them extra skills that they can then use in the business, sometimes to attract customers. 

LinkedIn Learning is definitely the most business-savvy of the remote learning options. It offers entrepreneurial-focused courses that are split into “business”, “technology” and “creative”, so you can have your entire team learning how to do a good elevator pitch, how to use Excel or graphic design for marketing purposes. 

But the best part is that you can oversee everything. You will be able to see how your team is progressing with the LinkedIn Learning platform and their new skills will be added to their profiles, showing off their skillset but also the expertise of your company. 

Google Calendar

It’s hard to get everyone in the room nowadays. Everyone has their own jobs and their own times that they can do it, their own obstacles to navigate. And that’s all before a wave of working from home made everyone physically distant from each other, when scheduling a meeting might have been accomplished by just shouting across the room. 

Today, everyone is literally miles away, sometimes countries away, so it’s extremely helpful that a shared calendar exists. Using a Google Calendar means you can log in, see what’s already on the agenda, and add your meeting accordingly. Never miss a meeting again with it all written down and updates straight to your device, and never double book again with every moment accounted for. 

Open Phone

Of course, the best thing for communication, especially for a hybrid or working from home establishment, is a reliable phone system. 

A lot of the internet phone systems share the same features of performing over the internet, to avoid a landline, with video call and audio call, but Open Phone offers around the world, toll-free calls, texts, group messaging, and multiple numbers so that there is nothing stopping you from contacting your employees. 

Article by Born Realist