How to choose thermal and night vision optics? Advantages and disadvantages of this equipment

Night cityscape focused in glasses lenses

Thermal and night vision optics recently become more and more popular among hunters. This is a must-have item for night hunting. It is also used by security guards, soldiers, builders, and representatives of many other professions. The whole problem is that this thing is quite expensive. Therefore, many doubt whether it is needed at all. To make you 100% convinced of the feasibility of purchase, we decided to evaluate thermal imaging scopes and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of such a thing.

Take a closer look and consider whether you need an optical thermal imaging sight.

Advantages of the optical thermal imaging sight

Thermal and night vision optics are a must-have item for night hunting. If you decide to buy it, you will immediately get:

  • the clarity of the target image. By the way, the picture of the reticle and the target itself is equally distant from the eye. This makes it very convenient to aim. Eyes don’t fatigue, and you can hunt all night;
  • competent setting. If you have any visual problems, this scope will help you almost completely correct them. You can aim to shoot without glasses in daylight and in the dark;
  • visual increase in target. The optical sight helps to more accurately aim the weapon at small or significantly distant objects;
  • sizing the target. The aiming reticle makes it possible to make accurate shots and understand which target you are shooting at. You can also calculate the distance to the object.

In addition, an optical thermal imaging sight is capable of concentrating more light when compared to the human eye. This allows the shooter to perfectly distinguish between small objects in a lack of lighting.

It is interesting that some models of optical sights have the functions of illumination of the aiming picture. This allows you to better distinguish between an object against a darkened target. The thermal imaging optical sight allows you to shoot in complete darkness. That is, this product is ideal for night hunting.

But, like anything, telescopic sights have some drawbacks.

Disadvantages of thermal and night vision optics

The disadvantages of optical thermal sights are very minor compared to their advantages. But they are still there. Such equipment:

  • focuses only on the heat coming from the target. That is, for it to work, you need to be as close to the object as possible;
  • decreases the field of view as objects approach. This makes it difficult to find the target and slows down the aiming of the sight;
  • complicates shooting at moving targets;
  • makes some hunters tremble in their hands. Also, some people experience intermittent breathing.

Note. If the riflescope is not of high quality, the lens may sweat. Therefore, we recommend you buy more expensive best night vision for airsoft from a well-known manufacturer.

As you can see, the advantages of an optical thermal imaging sight are much more than the disadvantages. But the decision on whether to buy is up to you.

Article by Born Realist