How to Buy an SSL Certificate Like a Pro?

A secure socket layer is a tool that establishes an encrypted connection between a web server and a web search engine. It guarantees that every data transferred is kept private. You may have observed a lock icon beside the URL in your URL bar. This indicates that the site is SSL-protected.

A wildcard certificate assurance is that it covers a domain and any sub-domains within it. The domain name is preceded by a * and a space in wildcard format. Wildcard certificates are frequently used in SSL certificates to provide SSL encryption to websites.

What’s the Point of Getting an SSL Certificate?

Your webpage is a data expressway connecting your business and your customers, not just a digital advertisement. When a visitor reaches your website, information such as their IP address is moved from one computer to another before reaching its final destination. Visitors expect your business to keep their personal information safe. Without the need for a secured network, the information they give you risks slipping into the wrong hands, jeopardizing their privacy, which might have severe ramifications for your company.

How to Buy a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate?

  • Go to a certificate provider website like
  • Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
  • To authenticate your domain, send your CSR to the Certification Authority.
  • Once you get the certificate, install it on your website.

How Much Does an SSL Cost?

Your SSL can cost anything from nothing to hundreds or thousands of dollars based on the scale of protection you desire. The following are the several types of SSLs, from least private to most private (and from cheapest to most expensive):

  1. Domain Validated (DV) Credentials: For sites that do not exchange client information, such as journals or small business web pages.
  2. Occupational Validated (OV) Certificates: Sites that do not exchange important consumer information, like business websites with applications and lead capture features.
  3. Extended Validated (EV) Certificates: These certificates provide the best security and are equipped to handle sensitive data such as financial transfers.

What Data is Stored in an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates contain the following data:

  • The certificate’s internet address, the person, company, or machine to whom it was issued, and the authenticator that issued it
  • The electronic signature of the certification body
  • Subdomains that are related
  • The certificate’s issue date
  • The certificate’s expiration date
  • The certificate authority is a key that can be used by anybody (the private key is kept a secret).

 Wildcard SSL vs. Standard SSL

The simplest and most direct method to describe ordinary SSL vs. wildcard SSL is to say:

  • A typical (single domain): One web address is protected by an SSL certificate.
  • Wildcard:  Your website and an endless amount of first-level sub-domains are protected by an SSL certificate.
  • When it comes to wildcard SSL vs. ordinary SSL certificates, the cost difference is the most significant.

Now you know all the required information and it’s time to add some extra security to your website. So what are you waiting for!

Article by Born Realist