How Electric Bikes Can Help Ease Stress & Anxiety

When you think of an electric bike, you may not imagine it to be an asset to your psychological well-being, but you should. A powered bicycle can substantially improve your quality-of-life in ways that allow you to deal effectively with the stress that seems to be increasing across all segments of society; job demands, political rancor, online-message barrages and internet noise can all take a tremendous toll on your mental health. Here are some of the ways riding an electric bicycle can help you leave anxiety and stress in the dust.

You Move Your Muscles

Exercise is one of the best anxiety-reducing activities; if you exercise correctly, you experience mood-improving endorphin release without the side-effects inherent to nearly all medications. Since any amount of exercise is beneficial, riding electric bikes can fit the needs of those at various fitness levels; that is,  they allow you to tailor your exercise regime to your unique physical condition in a non-competitive environment since you can pedal as much or as little as you can handle based on the terrain. When riding any distance, however quickly or slowly you move your legs, you begin to breathe deeply, thus circulating oxygen to your brain; that aerobic process has a calming effect.

You Celebrate the Outdoors

Merely spending time outside also reduces stress and anxiety. For one thing, the sun’s rays are an essential source of vitamin D, which not only strengthens the immune system but also boosts mood. Also, connecting to the surroundings of nature has been shown to increase energy. For example, riding an electric fat tire beach cruiser to the beach to experience the calming sound of rolling waves can alleviate momentary depression.

You Experience Mindfulness

Calmly riding down a quiet street or winding path will lead to a state of bliss akin to that which comes from a range of mindfulness practices. The smooth movement of the bicycle combined with your relaxed pedaling cadence will lower brain-wave frequency, a positive state similar to that achieved through meditation. Most significantly, tranquil riding reduces your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, a positive effect because an excess of this chemical creates cycles of anxiety that are difficult to escape. As you cruise at your happy pace, you become one in-the-moment, in contrast to existing washed over by anxiety.

You Learn Something New

Hobbies are wonderfully relaxing pastimes that also call for dedication. Many involve new and lifelong learning. Engaging in enjoyable activities in which you are fully invested requires the kind of focus that can take your mind off your worries. Learning how to ride an electric bike fits into this category. While there is a process involved in learning how to operate and maintain an E-bike, the steps are easy to follow and mentally stimulating.

Gearing up for an hour on an electric bike can add to your well-being. In addition to enhancing your physical strength, riding significantly reduces your anxiety and stress. When life threatens to overwhelm you, just a few miles can lead you down a path of healthful solitude.

Article by Born Realist