How Did Computer Tables Dominate Our Times?

If you have nothing else at home, then a computer table is the furniture you need to get. Let’s take a deep dive to the computer tables and their history as well as their manufacturing.

The Computer Tables In Our Times

Long before university researchers started studying the benefits of computer tables in human health and productivity, there were famous politicians and scientists to support them. A real-life modern paradigm has been the former US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. He claimed that Thomas Jefferson’s computer table was still in the State Department when he was in office. He carried the tradition to work on computer tables while on duty, and he used to stand up for more than 8 hours daily to perform his secretary of Defense duties and chores.

In our days’ world, famous and successful companies have adopted the computer tables for their employees and associates. Apple, the giant of iPhone in California, has introduced computer tables for all its office-based employees since 2010. The same applies to Google and Microsoft in their premises since they ranked first in the employee satisfaction rewards. The rationale behind the adoption of such innovative workplaces has been the physical health improvement of employees that usually cannot leave the offices. Sitting all day and eating at brakes, they were always putting their health at great danger without even realizing it. On the other hand, when they finally were forced to stand up to work, they felt like the daily chores were easily performed and their overall health level has shown real signs of improvement.

Many government agencies all over the world are also thinking of changing the sitting habits of their employees. Computer tables can be easily transformed into sitting ones especially when people cannot stand up due to injuries or other illness. By giving them the chance to stand up while working most of the people will feel liberated in the workplace and start working with great care again. Productivity rates are going up, and this is a win-win situation for all working components.

Latest Scientific Data on Computer Tables Technology

An excellent study has been performed by the A&M Texas University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health, to examine the correlation of health improvement and the use of the computer tables in workplaces. It did monitor 167 Texan employees at a call center for a total period of six months. The results where incredible! Employees that were working in computer tables made 23 to 53 percent more successful calls than co-workers at traditional sitting desks.

Most of the people that will try to work in computer tables would first notice increased productivity, better focus and less mental and physical fatigue. Also, symptoms like back pain and various body aches would eventually disappear while slight movement during the workday will increase the burning of calories and lead to better overall health scores.

Another study that has been published recently in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology counts the number of pounds that an office worker could have lost in a year if he was working in a computer table rather than a traditional sitting one. The name is 5.5 pounds per year, and it may seem small, but it can make a big difference in the health level of each employee. Computer tables burns more calories than the sitting one, and it can raise the productivity rates of office employees. It is due to the overall health improvement and the less sick days off that they could ask for if they were ill.

Details of Modern Computer Tables

There is a widespread myth that computer tables wobbles no matter what you do with them. It is entirely wrong for the following reasons:

  • The hardware that consists of the computer table always comes in a firm package, and the bolts are never loose. Make sure you have tightened the bolts enough so that the counter finds its final stiff position. There is no chance of malfunction to the joints of the pins no matter what.
  • Too many moving parts assemble the majority of computer tables. It is suitable for the healthy use of the product and never creates loose points due to a particular technological addition that is the cross support. Most computer tables come with adjustable cross support that bends together with the various components so that the system balance and stiffness is guaranteed.
  • The glides of aluminum are essential for the stability of the computer table. They reduce the friction between the two metal parts that adjust the height of the office. As a result, it is of crucial importance to maintain them at a good condition so that our desk is always at its best.

 Article by Born Realist