This is How An Idea Can Change Your Entire Life

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Change My Life: Remember the times when you are stuck into a problem and try to find a solution for it by yourself after trying all the resources you have. What do you usually do? You think for a while and BAAAMMM and idea come into your mind which helps you solve your problem. A lot of people questions How can I change my life? We should all be having a problem solver mindset, not a solution finder mindset.

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Change My Life: Sometimes just a mere thought that comes to our minds can change the way our world exists. It can change the lives we are living. A very simple example to make the picture clarity is of the famous scientist “Newton” when an apple fell down in front of him. His mind clicked with the idea of gravity and the era of classical physics began. Just like this, the 21st century is flooded with a lot of examples where an idea can Change My Life.

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A Failed Idea: Change My Life

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Change My Life: We all know Thomas Edison and his tireless efforts to invent the bulb. He tried 1000 times to invent the bulb. It means he had 1000 ideas of having that bulb invented and he didn’t felt crazy to try all of them because he probably knew that one of them is really going to work. After having that amazing shiny bulbs on our walls and at our side tables which make our night all lit up.We all are on the same page that all those ideas were worth trying.

Facebook: Change My Life

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Change My Life: Facebook was created behind the idea of knowing people. And making friends with them. Yeah, it sounds crazy too. To sit at your home beside your laptop and make friends in any part of the world without even going there. But now you cannot spend a day without checking on Facebook.

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Google: Change My Life


Change My Life: Google was founded by two Ph.D. students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. Google is a search engine and it was created to help people search for anything they want or need to know. Nowadays Google is our one amazing teacher who has all the answers to all of our questions. I bet you ask more questions from Google than people in the past used to ask from their parents and teachers. (Change my life)

“Work on the things very hard that you think really matters in the world and don’t be afraid to fail.” – Larry Page

Instagram: Change My Life

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Change My Life: Instagram was founded in 2009 by two students of Stanford University, Mike Krieger, and Kevin System. One day Kevin came up with an idea of photo sharing app and created it with Mike. Think about this, an app just for sharing pictures and nothing at all. Before Instagram became part of our lives it seemed crazy but now everyone is using it.

“We crossed 10,000 users within hours and I was like this is the best day of my life, this is amazing, right? At the end of the day, it kept growing so much I thought, are we counting wrong?” Mike Krieger

YouTube: Change My Life

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Change My Life: It’s a platform where anyone can share and watch any video on any topic. You can use it to have some fun. And if you are in a mood you can study here and listen to the video lectures of your favorite teachers from around the world. If you are lucky enough to have some amazing talents like a very good voice, cooking skills, beauty enhancing skills or anything else amazing that you think is worth sharing, you can create your own channel there and earn a handsome amount of money. Another “Change my life” kind of idea that actually worked.

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WhatsApp: Change My Life

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Change My Life: Jan Koum founded Whatsapp in 2008 after failing to get a job at Facebook. Whatsapp is slowly replacing Facebook.There are a lot of apps for messaging but what makes this app special is that it is the easiest way of conversation when you are into a group chat. You can have your profile picture on it, put your status there and also have a group chat facility. Plus its emojis are very amazing .and they are as many as you can talk with the help of them without using words.

Careem: Change My Life

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Change My Life: Careem is a car booking app currently operating in 53 cities globally. Elyas, Sheikha, and Magnus simply worked on the problem of car booking to save time. And the solution made them billionaires.

Ted Talks: Change My Life

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Change My Life: It began in 1984 as a conference based on, technology, entertainment, and design.It was just based on sharing ideas. And now some of the ted talks can actually change your lives forever. It was designed to answer the question for people “Can you change my life?”. And guess what? that one idea changes millions of lives today.

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Amazon: Change My Life

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Change My Life: Where do you think the idea of online shopping came from?  The founder of Amazon .com was thinking of a business product in context with the growing internet usage around the globe. Jeff named his site Cadabra at first which then became He was working in a law street firm and when he came up with this idea. He says,

“It was a hard decision and I was looking for the right framework in which to make that kind of important decision and the right framework I found was the regret minimization framework.So that’s just a nerdy way of saying that you want to project yourself to age 80 and then think back on your life and if you are 81 you want to minimize the number of regrets you have throughout that period of time.It was a great clear way for me to think about making that kind of life decision. I thought if I go do this thing and if I fail, am I going to regret, I knew the answer was, NO but I also knew that if I didn’t try. I would always regret that.” – Jeff Bezos

Conclusion on Change My Life:

So you have an idea or a solution to a very common problem, go work on it one thing that should be kept in mind is if you are a fan of the amazing idea behind Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Read the stories of those who created them. Follow their beliefs but don’t copy their ideas. Because if you want to make Google you will end up making Firefox or Opera and if you want to make YouTube you will end up making Dailymotion. To make it clearer, be unique in your ideas, be yourself in your work. That will definitely change your life. We Born Realist believe in making ideas happen.


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