Here Are 10 Secrets Hidden Behind Logos of Hollywood Film Studios

You must have been familiar with the logos of some very famous films since you were a little kid. But you would have never put in a thought about their existence. A logo is something which becomes the sign of recognition for some company or some film.

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Hollywood is a huge film industry. It has released a lot of worldwide famous movies. All of those movies had logos. But you do not pay much attention to them. Today you will be made familiar with the logic behind the logos of some very famous movies. It might leave you stunned but you will be amazed too. So, check them out:

10. DreamWork Pictures:

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The logo for DreamWorks was at first mean to showcase a man who will be sitting on the Moon and doing some fishing. The artist started their work and began drawing it. But in the meanwhile, Robert Hunt suddenly decided to go ahead and make an additional version which will be having a child instead of some man. And this was actually the logo which was selected eventually. Coincidentally, Robert Hunt made this image with the picture of his own son, William in his head and that logo went ahead and got approved. Now, William has become a music composer and is working the very famous music industry.

9. Columbia Pictures:

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The logo of Columbia Pictures came into existence in 1924. This logo has a woman who is standing alone and has a burning torch in her hand. Surprisingly, this logo was based on just a random woman. It was not based on the image of some supermodel which was generally assumed that it would happen. Rather when paid attention it was disclosed that it did not have an image of a single woman but it is a combination of a lot of different models. From 1992, the recent version has been updated which has an image of a very random American housewife whose name is Jennie Joseph. But her facial cuts were very much changed at the time of the selection of the final picture.

8. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer:

Image Credits: MGM

In 1924, Howard Dietz came up with the idea about the logo of MGM. The university in which he was studying which was his Alma meter was Columbia University. In that university, a sports team was present which was named as “The Lions.” After that, the MGM has come up with five different sorts of lions on their logo. The name of those lions are Slats, Tanner, George, Jackie and the last one is Leo. Leo is their star nowadays.

7. Paramount Pictures:

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For the Paramount logo, the artist William Hodkinson, the Paramount Logo artist actually at first had drawn an image of the mountains which were very similar to Ben Lomond. Those mountains were found in Utah. He was born and brought up over there. But there are actually 24 stars present on the original version which came into being in 1914. There are 24 stars because that was the total number of actors who had signed up contracts at that time with the studio. But now the modern version has only got 22 stars and what is the reason behind that no one really knows.

6. WarnerBros:

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The logo of this company seems very much straightforward. It seems quite like a shield which has the initials of the founder of the company who are The Warner Brothers. But there is a mendacity degree behind that logo because this was not their actual name. As the parents of the owners of the movie studio were, in reality, the immigrants who came from Russian Empire to the America. And However, there’s a degree of mendacity behind it, for this wasn’t their real last name. The parents of the movie studio’s owners were immigrants to America from the Russian Empire and Wonskolaser was their actual last name.

5. Walt Disney:

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Disney, the world-famous animated movie’s logo has always been considered to be taken from the castle which was just a fairytale. In reality, the inspiration behind making this logo was a castle in Germany named as Neuschwanstein Castle. But that logo was changed by the Castle of Cinderella in 2006. The Castle was taken from the Disneyland situated in Paris.

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4. Pixar:

Image Credits: Pixar

The first super hit movie in the studio gave this logo of Pixar. “Luxo Jr.,“ was loved by a huge amount of people. Actually, Luxo Jr. is a lamp which is animated and is present in the short story of the studio which came out in 1986. It got so famous that it actually went ahead and replaced the I which is present in the actual logo.

3. Castle Rock Entertainment:

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This movie studio has long since been taken over by Warner Bros have always taken over this movie studio since so long. But later in 1980 the adaptations were started to be made on the novels of Stephen King by the Castle Rock Entertainment. The setting which is usually present in the novels of Stephen King gave this name to the company as they were searching for it for a very long time. The logo of this company has a lighthouse which was actually taken from the horror movie, Needful Things which was based on the novel of Stephen King. The name of the movie was also taken from the name of the novel. This movie was released in 1993.

2. Lions Gate:

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Lions Gate is actually a bridge in Vancouver. Vancouver is the place where Robert Altman, the founder of the company was born. No lions have been shown in this logo in its whole history unlike the logo of MGM.

1. Scott Free:

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Ridley Scott, the Director has got his own movie studio. The logo of Scott free has actually an animation which shows that a man has been turned down into some bird. The reason behind this logo is that every man has the right to attain freedom and that is what the animated logo shows too. An Italian illustrator, Gianluigi Toccafondo, is the artist of that logo. He actually created the logo in which every individual’s movement has been shown and then that has been drawn.

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