10 Hobbies To Maximize Your Happiness Levels

There are many theories of happiness that revolve around but the general idea of happiness is something that enhances our way of living and improves our behaviors to lead a successful life. Despite the fact that many people are bestowed with the worldly riches, they still seek for happiness. So, this is settled that money really can’t buy you the happiness you seek. Humans are usually happy when they eat, sleep. But there are many other ways in which you can seek happiness. All that is required for you is to identify the key area where you can find sustainability and well being to gain happiness in your life. You might have a new car, beautiful house and family but these things comprise only a small percentage of happiness in your life. A well large percentage of happiness is directly linked to you and how you act with your life. In other terms, your happiness comes from within and how you perceive the world and how you live your life in general. Your happiness depends directly on yourself. You can adopt various option for yourself to stay happy for yourself. A hobby is one of the best options that can keep you busy and you have the full liberty to choose whatever you like for yourself. Here are few simple habits that you can adapt to change your life for good. Plus they are all eco-friendly!

1. Learn Your Favorite Musical Instrument:

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Music plays a dramatic effect on your aura and mood and it enhances the way you think about yourself and how you perceive your life. Learning to play an instrument is a fine way to include happiness in your life because it would be one thing that you like the most. Invest on a quality cello and cello bow if you’re an aspiring cellist. Take time to select and practice playing the type of instrument you prefer and just enjoy without putting too much pressure in learning. Music has been proven to calm your thoughts and lower down the level of stress and if you learn to make a beautiful tune out of music it might help you fighting with your struggles in a most soothing way.

2. Start Reading:

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Nothing can match the habit of reading books. You can sit at your favorite spot and with book in one hand and your favorite coffee in another. This is a total free way for you to escape from the worldly thoughts and emerge into the world of books. Reading books can help you relate your thoughts with the writer and provide you with opportunity to find solutions to your particular problems. Make books your friend and talk to them when you ever find yourself in the stressful and lonely situation.

3. Learn How To Knit:

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Knitting has found its revival since few years and now special classes of knitting can be found easily. You can even learn it online from YouTube. Many workplaces have included this hobby in their lunchtime and it has proven to leave some positive effects on the people who practices it. It is quite easy to learn if you have learnt few initial steps. It is almost very rhythmic like music, the sound of the knitting needles clicking with each other and the pattern they follow, it constitutes for your well being if you make it as your hobby.

4. Keep A Diary With You:

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Nowadays, people like to share how they fell in the form of Facebook statuses, stories or however they like on social media or with their friends. We forget to share it with ourselves or write it in a diary. We have forgotten the act of reflection and how we should see ourselves and act upon in any situation. The act of putting your emotions into a form of writing the most effective therapeutic way to make it easier for yourself and see the perspective of your lives.

5. Learn Pottery:

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There is something about the art of pottery, while creating something beautiful out of a piece of clay it appeals to your senses and involves you thoroughly in the act that you completely forget the other worries for a time being. You can learn the art of pottery while attending many classes or learn it from YouTube, it is full of tutorials.

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6. Go For Hiking:

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Feeling the fresh air, passing out time in mountains and following just yourself and nature can distract you from the thoughts of the other world and you can spend some time alone with yourself and doing something of your interest. Many studies in science have proven that having a brisk walk also have similar benefits to deal with depression. So go and try out some walk in the mountains and if you don’t have an access to the mountain areas, go to some park and free your mind with the thoughts that bother you the most.

7. Make Cooking Your Hobby:

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The smells and aura of the food have the capacity to trigger a sense of happiness that seems unconscious to you but is fulfilling its purposes to make you feel light and happy. The most amazing thing about cooking is that you can put in your creativity and make something that is purely yours. Such sense of accomplishment and owning something that is purely yours gives you the happiness you seek.

8. Start Star Gazing:

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Stargazing has the capacity to leave you in wonder and you can spend the whole night gazing them and thinking about your life. This is one of the soul-expanding experience and a different hobby that can leave you in the awe of nature. Many people have the hobby to study stars and some are even obsessed with them and many of them even lose themselves in them.

9. Gardening:

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No matter how big or small the benefits are but gardening does provide some physical and emotional benefits. The satisfaction that one feels while nurturing a seedling into a big, fully grown plant generates a perennial happiness. You really get to reap what you have sown. Also one of the great things about gardening is that you get to see your efforts at the end in some physical form.

10. Doing Art:

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There has always been a settled connection between art and happiness and studies suggests that only looking at the piece of art can release a hormone euphoria which is released when you are in love. Every art piece has a reason behind it and people watching it receive its meaning according to their thoughts and perceptions. Creating your own masterpiece will let you put your thoughts into your creation and will provide a channel for you to deliver your ideas and emotions in front of other people.

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