Hilarious Valentine’s Day Card For Those Who Hate Lovey Dovey Stuff

Everyone is not a very big fan of Valentine’s day.

Most of us can totally understand the above statement and many of us seem to not have success stories when it comes to love. Well, who really has that much time for the mushy stuff anyway! Right? Going further. If you are one of those who don’t really like Valentine’s day and just want to sit in your couch with the tub of ice cream in one hand, then you are reading the right article. Below we have few cards for you that are perfect for your mood on Valentine’s day. These cards are for the people who believe in being realistic about every situation. So, do not wait up and scroll below.

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2. Is “thank you” the right word for it?

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3. So these must be the high standards you talked about!

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4. Well, right on point. No hanky panky!

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5. Honesty is the policy, they thought.

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6. Facts being so romantic!

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7. Give it to your EX.

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8. Nicely written poetry.

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9. A fancy style to say your heart out!

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10. Happy to know about that!

Image credits: mcbittersons.com

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11. Mark the word, it truly is!

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12. Good to know!

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13. Well, happy Valentine’s day everyone!

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14. That’s understood!

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15. Well, not even me!

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16. Not so well at giving compliments!

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17. Well, likewise.

Image credits: emilymcdowell.com

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Article By: Born Realist