Here’s How Being The “Nice Guy” Can Ruin Your Life

If you are a nice guy then know this, being a nice guy would not take you places, it will not do you any good. Being a nice guy means that you are a people pleaser with no school of thought or courage to face any kind of troubles and this would simply ruin you. Here we have some qualities of a ‘nice guy’ that could destroy a person’s personality.

7. You Expect People To Treat You The Way You Treat Them:

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Nice guys have this theory in their head that them treating others in a nice way would get them the same treatment, but this is not how it works. Everyone has their own set of rules and obligations and can’t always fulfill your expectations. Stop expecting things from others. Instead be selfless and do things for others just to make them happy or make yourself happy but don’t expect them to do the same for you.

6. You Think Being Nice Is The Key To People’s Heart:

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Nobody can ever please everyone. If you keep on being nice to everyone expecting them to love you, you are wrong. No one can always fulfill every expectation and you don’t know what goes in the other person’s mind so you can never really be sure if being nice would get people to love you.

5. You Think That Perfection Will Make Everything Smoother:

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The big trouble with nice guys is that they would do anything to hide their mistakes and make themselves seem perfect. They rely a lot on other people’s comments to move on. You need to understand that nothing can ever be perfect, even the people head over heels in love have their differences as they are both different people with a different definition of the word perfect.

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4. You Have Trouble With Facing Conflicts:

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While avoiding arguing and fighting is good, there are several occasions that require some debate. You avoiding the topic will not solve the problem, instead, the problem would only become bigger than before. Don’t hold your thoughts and opinions in just because you are scared it would turn into a conflict.

3. You Look At Others For Approval:

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Depending on other people’s comments to judge yourself is just like you see yourself as an outsider. You can never get everyone’s approval; there will always be something that’s not perfect. Just be yourself, have your own thoughts and voice, know yourself by looking within instead of looking at others for guidance.

2. You Try To Hide Anything That Might Embarrass You:

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As a nice guy, your urge for approval from others can create huge insecurities and you never know how it might affect you in a big twisted way. Your secret might not even make someone blink their eyes but it would definitely make a big difference because of your ideal image being disrupted.

1. You Think You’ll Have To Return A Favor As Soon As You Ask For One:

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It’s better to tell others what’s going in your mind instead of holding it in for so long that it bursts out like lava, confusing everyone near you. This might actually do affect your relationship with other people. So it’s better to tell everyone what’s going on in your mind instead of waiting for it all to burst out. The people around you will understand you and might even guide you and no this will not make you look weak as it needs courage to tell exactly what’s going on. The nice guy is the second definition of being cowardly.

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Article by Born Realist