Here’s How You Can Always Tell The Truth Without Hurting Anyone

Feelings are extremely fragile, you have to be extremely careful about them. You should always speak the truth no matter how hard the situation is. You must have heard the phrase: “Honesty is the best policy.” This should be the motto of everyone’s life. As Edward M. Murrow said: “To be persuasive we must be believable, to be believable we must be credible, to be credible we must be thankful.” But there is no need to worry now. If you ever get in such a situation, here are some of the ways mentioned through which you can always tell the truth without hurting anyone:

7. Be Humble:

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If you have to tell the truth, always be humble. You will be able to speak your mind without hurting anyone. People get hurt very easily. So, try to be as calm as you can.

6. Explain In A Tale Form:

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Tale form is always an interesting form. People are always more interested in listening to stories. If you ever get in a situation where you have to tell someone the truth but you are afraid that you might hurt them tell the reality in a story form. That way you will be able to convey the truth without hurting the second person’s sentiments.

5. Communicative Skills:

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Communication is a very important tool of life. While communicating you should be very careful about other people feelings. But during the course of speaking truth, never be afraid of anything. Always use your good communicative skills so that no one will ever get hurt.

4. During A Friendly Conversation:

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If you have to tell a friend something which can be hurtful to them then choose a good situation to disclose the truth. Always go for it in a very friendly environment. That way your friend would not get hurt and you will also convey your message.

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3. By Stating The Bad Impacts:

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At times your friend gets trapped in a bad situation or is getting close to people who can hurt them eventually and you are concerned about your friend which is a natural thing, sit down with your friend for a while and tell him the bad impacts which can occur to them. This way you won’t hurt them.

2. Be Truthful, Not Mean:

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Honesty is a separate thing and being mean is separate. You have to know the real difference between the truth. Many of you don’t know how to differentiate between the two. When you have to speak the truth, never leave the hand of honesty but never be mean. You can tell the facts without hurting the other person’s feelings.

1. By Not Mentioning The Topic Directly:

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If you want to tell someone a truth but you are afraid you may hurt them, try to deliver the message by not talking about it directly. Talk about the matter in such way that you will tell the truth and it won’t hurt sentiments of the listener. Always be concerned about the feelings of others.

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