Here’s What Beauty Queens Look on the Catwalk and in Real Life

Beauty contests have become such an integral part of today’s culture. With the growing population and the need to look flawless is getting out of control. Nowadays, thousands of beauty pageants are happening. Such beauty pageants range from local beach bikini contests to the competitions for international scholarship. Such pageants have started happening every year with hundreds of young and beautiful girls taking part in them and doing their level best to win them. The selection of a beauty queen always gives heat to a very serious debate. Some people willingly accept the final decision of the judges but the others doubt it and the beauty of the winner. Every girl is beautiful in her unique way possible and so are the contestants of these pageants. Some people feel these contestants look good only because of tons of makeup and expensive clothes which is not true. Here some photos are given which will give you a chance to witness that the pageant queens do look pretty off camera and without makeup too. Have a look:

13. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach:

Image Credits: James Attoa/Everett collection/

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is from the Philippines. She has won the title of Miss Universe for the year 2015. This picture from her Instagram account shows she is actually beautiful without makeup too.

12. Deshauna Barber:

Image Credits: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock /

She is Miss USA for the year 2016. She posted the photo on her official Instagram account and gave away the proof that she is pretty of the camera too.

11. Natalie Glebova:

Image Credits: REX/Shutterstock

Natalie Glebova is the Miss Universe 2015. She belongs to Canada. She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful pageants queens of all the time. Natalie is a mother of a beautiful baby too. But she is so pretty without all the glitter and shimmer as seen in her Instagram pictures.

10. Mireia Lalaguna:

Image Credits: Belen Diaz/DYDPPA/REX/Shutterstock

Mireia became the Miss World in 2005. Her hometown is Spain. She has worn a lot of makeup on the day she won the title but that couldn’t carry away the fact that she looks very pretty without all of that makeup. A proof can be the photos she posts on her Instagram account.

9. Maria Gabriela Isler:

Image Credits: MediaPunchREX/Shutterstock

Maria is the pageant queen who belongs to Venezuela. She won the title of Miss Universe in 2013. She looks extremely beautiful and fresh without makeup and it can be seen in her photo she posted on her Instagram.

8. Yu Wenxia:

Image Credits: AP Photo/ Andy Wong

The Miss World 2012 is from China. Yu Wenxia looks gorgeous without lavish clothes and expensive makeup. The proof can be seen in her Instagram pictures.

7. Paulina Vega:

Image Credits: EAST NEWS

Paulina Vega is a citizen of Columbia. She won the prestigious title of Miss Universe for the year 2014. She looks amazingly young and beautiful without makeup.

6. Ksenia Sukhinova:


Ksenia is a Russian Miss World for the year 2008. She does not need a lot of makeup to look nice and the proof of that is her Instagram pictures.

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5. Azra Akin:


Miss World of the year 2002, Azra is such a gorgeous girl in real life too. She definitely does not need makeup to look presentable.

4. Megan Young:

Image Credits: AFP PHOTO/ Romeo Gasad

Megan is super young as her name also suggests. She became the Miss World in the year 2013. Her picture while being on board shows what a stunning beauty she is in her real life.

3. Rolene Strauss:

Image Credits: REX/Shutterstock

Miss World 2014, Rolene is basically from South Africa. Her beauty does not need any proof but still if anyone of you has any doubts just go through her Instagram account and we bet your doubts will fly away.

2. Yana Dobrovolskaya:

Image Credits: Sefa Karacan/ Anadolu Agency

This beauty became Miss Russia in the year 2016. There is doubt about the fact that she looks pretty with makeup but that cannot take away the fact that she is beautiful in her real life also.

Image Credits: AFP Photo Joe Klamar

And her beauty folds whenever she smiles. She has got one of the most beautiful smiles ever.

1. Olivia Cuplo:

Image Credits: AFP Photo Joe Klamar

Olivia originally belongs to the USA. She won the most amazing and famous title of Miss Universe in 2012.

Image Credits: AFP Photo Joe Klamar

She is such a beautiful lady that no makeup can make her look the way she does in her real life. The pictures present on her Instagram account are a testimony to that. And she has also been blessed with a very beautiful smile.

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