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Tired of wires but can’t find a set of Bluetooth earphones that are good enough for you? Well, we have you covered on that front and boy are you going to enjoy what the wireless earphones we have lined up for you at Introducing the HBQ i7 Twins True Wireless Earphones!

image credits: Born Realist Shop

These headphones are going to make your life ten times easier by reducing distracting sounds and canceling out echoes. They’re super lightweight despite being high quality to ensure extra comfort for you making you forget that they are even in your ears when you aren’t listening to music! They have an amazing battery life of 4 to 5 hours and they support hands-free calling too and are powerful too! (4.2 delivers high-quality and lag-free connections, yes we know, amazing)

image credits: Born Realist Shop

And the good news is that they are available on Born Realist Shop at a special discount! And you probably agree by now that your phone and you can’t do better than the twins i7! So what are you waiting for, get it them before the discount runs out and make your life distraction free! You can buy it here!