This Guy is Saving the Earth With His “Ecological Underwear Brand”

Tommi Lahde is a 46-year-old environmental campaigner and fashion entrepreneur. He is the founder of practical and ecological underwear brand The Other Danish Guy, based out of Finland, but available globally. He is married and a pleased father to a young girl. He is determined to protect the world’s seas from marine litter. His underwear apparel are available worldwide and are produced using a texture that is made of disposed of fishing nets and different things gathered from the oceans, where they constitute a risk to marine animals. The organization takes the materials they tidy up from oceans worldwide and forms them into classy fashion items. The founder Tommi Lahde (who used to be a former UN Peace Keeper) first started this idea via a highly successful campaign on Indiegogo and has since helped to change the culture of underwear and fashion in general, to get more companies to become eco-friendly and save our planet.


Tommi Ladhe used to work for Channel Four in Finland as Head Marketing. He has also worked in some of the greatest ad agencies. His professional background is a brand strategist. He loved doing work with few fine brands and companies that operate on a global scale. His dream was to end up becoming an architect. He loves creating new things where there is no hope left behind. However, after his service as UN Peace Keeper, he ended up studying communications and economics. Especially behavioral economics matters were interesting for him. Since he needed to take in more about the impacts of mental, social, subjective, and passionate factors on the economic decisions of individuals and organizations and the results at showcase costs, returns, and assets. I guess that is the reason why he is in this business. It is not that far away from architecture because architecture is about the things you can measure and the things you cannot or the things that you can only sense.


Success does not come overnight. You have to endeavor to ace it. Everything relies upon how you measure it. Getting rich is not his primary goal. His aim is to accomplish something right that can profit other people for good. He views himself as extremely fortunate in light of the fact that at all he needed to do in his life he got a chance to do it. He is healthy, married and father of an adorable daughter. He runs his own business and enjoys his work. He has the best Masters in branding, Mr. Charlie Robertson and Mr. George Shepherd from Red Spider. These people who really helped him throughout his business. With that learning, he is able to grow Channel Four Finland from one channel to a multi-channel Media House with several TV channels and radio stations. As an entrepreneur and brand consultant, he was responsible for a creating a future strategy to a huge finance corporation.

The uniqueness of the brand:


During Tommi’s career, he learned, that companies need to perceive the historic opportunity to change the way they do business and give clients more value-rich, sustainable, and meaningful brands, products, services, and plans of action. When he started his brand everyone wanted to know that who is The Other Danish Guy. He just not makes comfortable underwears but rather The Other Danish Guy is extraordinary. The aim of his life is to believe in himself. He says that one of the things that prevents us once again from seeking after our fantasies is the dread of disappointment. He says that we need to have faith in ourselves to change the world. Sometimes it might require only one person to say that I believe in you. It is hard to be worried about the grand scheme of things in life if one’s got an itchy bum. That is why their tagline/slogan is the “fundamental layer of confidence”.

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Defeating the hard times:

When he was 29, he was about to get married. A week before his marriage he got to know that he is having a giant bone tumor in his shoulder blade which was a huge shock for him and for his family. Preparing for the wedding suddenly become secondary thing for him and it was all about surviving. Later, he got married and was operated week after his wedding. Luckily, it was a rare form of bone cancer, not the most aggressive one. It took him  few years to recover. Yet, he was thankful that he encountered something important in life. He said that he learnt to live step by step and appreciate the life at its fullest. Life is delicate and we can free it in a moment. We every now and again regret those things which we don’t do than those which we do. He wants to ace everything in life, he doesn’t want to regret later.


In terms of business he needs to develop The Other Danish Guy to be the best first layer brand in the world. He also wants to raise his daughter to be emphatic, self-confident, fearless and someone who stands on two feet.

Words of wisdom:

As per Tommi Lahde: The words of archbishop Desmond Tutu: “To forgive is not just to be altruistic, it is the best form of self-interest”. He says that we cannot always choose to be treated well. Or even sometimes life itself seems to be totally unfair. According to him the worst thing is to let bitterness or resentment to control you. These things never destroy their subject, but their carrier. Even if forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do, it is the best thing to do for oneself. He wants to make the world a better place. He says that world is a better place to live in. Every morning when he wakes up he is grateful for that to be alive. He treats people in a similar way he would love to be treated.

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