This is How Good Friends Influence Your Future

good friends

Human beings are social animals. We can’t survive being alone. We always need someone right by our side almost all the time. We need people to laugh with us in our happiest days; we need them to grieve with us in our loneliest times. And if we are lucky enough to have a company of some very good and loyal friends then we are one of the luckiest people on earth. It’s true, only the luckiest ones get the loyal and always by your side, kind of friends. A friend is someone who is not from your family, who has no blood relation with you and doesn’t even share a family or a home with you but still a friend is someone special with whom you can share each and every moment of your life. They have the ability to make you laugh when you want to cry. They are the ones who will do anything to make you feel better and survive through the hardest of your times. Today we will talk about how good friends can make your future brighter and how they influence your future.

good friends


Let’s say you are going for a job interview and scared that you will screw it up. The first thing you would probably do is, to call your friend, if you have one.

good friends
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Your friend will help you practice. If you have to give a presentation for your work .They are the ones who would tell you that, “common buddy! You were the most amazing presenter in our class. Your presentation skills are the most professional ones, your voice is very suitable, the stuff you put there is unbeatable.” It doesn’t matter whether your friend is right or wrong about your abilities. At that time, the only thing which matters the most is some motivation .I mean you definitely know how important is that presentation for your job and you also are well aware of your skills but the pressure of doing it all right is the problem and for that all you need is a sincere friend who could tell you how good you are and you will do it amazingly. This driving force as a friend is all your need. If you have it, there is no way you would fail.

Good friends keep you on the right track:

We all know how a bad company can destroy a nice person. We are human beings and humans make mistakes sometimes they are aware of it and the other times they aren’t. If we are aware of what wrong things we are doing we will definitely find a way to correct our mistakes. The real problem begins when we are not aware of what we are doing.

If you have started smoking and you don’t think it’s a bad habit but you are afraid of your parents. What will you do? You will hang out with those people who smoke won’t you? What if they not only smoke, what if they have a lot of other bad habits. Will you just sit there and say, “Mate! I am only here for smoking a cigarette; you can carry on with the other things by your own.” Well that is not going to happen. You will surely get involved in to that to get their assurance, because you can’t smoke in front of your mom and dad. You can’t smoke in front of your friends because they won’t approve it either. You can hide that cigarette pack in your school bag so that your parents won’t know but your best friend has access to any thing that is yours. That’s why we call them best friends. They will tell you how bad it is and will do anything in their power to stop you.

This was just a little example how good friends always keep you on the right track and never let you destroy your life.

You are what your company is:

Psychology says, the people you spend your time the most are the ones from whom you will adopt many habits. You are going to like what they like and you will hate the things they hate very soon. The company you keep is the reflection of your personality. A company of good friends will make you a much better person. If your friends love to help others and are always there for the good things you will definitely be doing the same things very soon. If your friend is a loyal person and a responsible human being you will absolutely become one.

Friends are always there in your hard times:

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Everyone get into problems. Everyone gets sad and lonely in some part of the life. If we have good friends to share our problems with, they will never let us loose hope or die in depression. A good friend works like a medicine of joy for our despair. People make worst decisions in their rough times if they have no one to talk to.

A true friend helps you to pass through the storms without getting hurt. If someone is there to not let you make wrong decisions in your bad times you will definitely secure you future.

They make your life easy:

good friends

If your colleagues are your friends or if you have some very good friends in your class then your life will be easier and happier. In school, you are supposed to compete with your classmates and if they are your friends this competition will be a healthy one .You will be studying together, sharing knowledge and learning even more.

If you have a group of some very good friends in your work place then you will be more satisfied. Along with all the competition part for the promotion you will also be having some quality time during lunch breaks and official parties. If you love the job you do, you will not have to work a day anymore. That boredom of 9 to 5 will change into a happy place for you. There won’t be any jealousy, leg pulling or fights. You will be motivated to give your hundred percent and in that way, you will increase your chance of getting promoted or winning a bonus.

They are honest with you:

good friends


Good friends never lie to you no matter how hard it is. If you are doing some bad things they will never support you and will stop you without getting worried of your response. Suppose if are exams are coming and you are wasting your time, they will tell you to start studying. If they notice your bad behavior with your parents, they will be the first to ask you to apologise. They will always be honest with you no matter how harsh it gets.


Good friends reshape your personality. They influence your life in a very best way. If you need some motivation, they will deliver the world’s best speech for you. If you are getting involved into some bad habits, they will be the first to notice it. If you are stuck into some difficulties, your friends will never leave you alone.

good friends

If your friend has all the qualities that you read here today then believe me, your life will be easier, happier and brighter than the ones who don’t have good friends.

This article has been written by Zulekha Nasar